Can you imagine riding your ATV without goggles? If you can’t, don’t go out and try it – you’ll be in for a nasty surprise!

From the wind tearing at your eyeballs to tree branches whacking your face left and right, you’d be shocked at how much one piece of equipment that weighs about as much as your cell phone does for the comfort of your ride. That’s not even getting started on safety. When you’re constantly squinting and dodging hazards, you can’t see three feet in front of you, let alone watch out for that hairpin turn further up the trail.

As amazing as goggles are, just like any piece of gear, not all of them are created equally, and not every rider needs the same thing out of their pair.

CFMOTO is here to talk about goggles: what to look for, how to tell that they fit, and how to find the right pair for your individual riding needs.

What All Goggles Must Have

So what separates a pair of swimming goggles from a rugged, hardworking, ride-ready pair?

Aside from the obvious manufacturer designation, there are quite a few factors that your goggles, regardless of brand or price, must have in order to facilitate a safe ride on your CFMOTO ATV or side by side.

Anti-Fog Technology

Quite a few models have this built in, so much so that it’s almost become the norm, but never assume! Goggles with anti-fog technology don’t allow condensation to crop up inside the visor, which doesn’t sound like much of a concern until it’s right before a rainstorm and so humid that you have to stop your whole caravan what seems like every five minutes to clear your view.

It’s also not a requirement of convenience as much as it is safety, as seeing clearly is obviously a prerequisite for not crashing into anything.

Substantial Face Foam

While few things can help you avoid those post-ride red lines, a good amount of face foam is essential for your comfort and visual clarity. Aside from preventing the goggle frame from digging in too much, face foam also works as a sort of sweat band, stopping the stuff from stinging your eyes and clouding your vision. Opt for ones that have triple-layer technology for maximum comfort.

Replacement Lense Options

We get it: The ride life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Whatever happens to your goggles, the manufacturer should have purchasable replacement lenses so that you don’t need to shell out the cash for a new pair every time something goes wrong. A good set can run you a hundred dollars or more, so don’t make your mistakes more expensive than they need to be.

How Goggles Should Fit

No matter what ATV company or side by side manufacturer you ride for, your goggles should provide you with the utmost in safety and comfort, and to do that they need to fit properly.

Your primary concern: they shouldn’t slip while riding. Many are of course adjustable and you won’t have to worry about this in the store. Once you get them home, however, put them on with your helmet and shake them about a bit. If they stick, you’re golden. And by stick, we mean stick stick. No rattling allowed! Play with the adjustment a bit until you get it right.

You’ll also need a pair that fits over your prescription glasses if you can’t or won’t wear contact lenses. Though it may be a bit of a pain to tug two pieces of eyewear around with you while those blessed with 20/20 vision get off easy, you need to see to ride. Period.

Finally, goggles need to be comfortable. You’ll have these puppies on your face for miles and miles of good, long rides; if the foam itches your skin or the frame digs in within minutes, find a different pair.

Bonus Features to Consider

If you live in a snow-or-sun-heavy climate, you could consider tinted, coated lenses. Since glare tends to be a major safety hazard in such locales, you need to be able to combat it if you want to feel secure. Just like we said earlier, you need to see to ride, period! Not to mention that glare is mighty uncomfortable.

UV protection is also a boone if you tend to ride in the snow or in places where sun exposure is strong. While it doesn’t necessarily cut back on glare, it sure stops your eyes from straining. Once you’ve ridden on a bright winter’s day with goggles that boast this feature, you won’t want to go back.

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