If you’re lucky enough to own the brand new CFORCE 800, you know without a doubt that it’s one powerhouse of a machine. With a 3000-pound winch, a 65 horsepower V-twin engine, and a generous eleven inches of ground clearance, it’s a firecracker that’s ready to rip up the trails or the motocross track at your command. But it doesn’t compromise on creature comforts, either; it’s a smooth ride with a USB port for charging your phone!

We at CFMOTO are also proud to offer a line of accessories designed to make your luxury ATV even better. Below, we’ll detail a few of our favorite add-ons we offer for this beast of a machine. Heads up, it gets long—it’s just impossible to narrow it down too far!

Ride With Confidence With the Help of a Windshield

Though we always advise wearing a visored helmet while riding to protect your head and eyes, sometimes riding can still get a little messy.

From near-invisible swarms of mosquitoes that can’t be spotted until you drive through them to an unexpected tree branch hanging over a familiar trail, a variety of hazards can jump out at you when you’re cruising through the wilds. While some are seriously dangerous, others are just plain gross—nobody likes the pitter-patter of dying bugs against their riding jacket.

The solution to both types of hindrances? A windshield! Ours come with a polycarbonate screen and are specially designed to fit this make of CFMOTO ATV, meaning that you can harness its strength and speed without worrying that you’ll get spiked by a branch or splattered by insects.

Windshields also bring to the table another benefit: they help protect you from the wind (go figure). This is a major help when you’re riding in cold climates, as nasty wind chills can cause everything from hypothermia to frostbite. Check out our ATV company blog, “Enjoying Your ATV Safely in the Winter” for more information on staying safe in the cold—and be sure to get your windshield installed before winter sets in for real.

Beat Packing Problems With Front and Rear Rack Extenders

Your CFMOTO ATV is tough, but even it will struggle to perform without the proper care and fuel—you, as a human being, are the same way. That’s why it’s important to be thorough with your packing when you’re taking a trip with your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side. From tents to food to emergency clothing and first-aid kits, it never hurts to be prepared on any excursion.

And preparation often takes a lot of space; check out this packing list recommendation from Northern Ontario Travel!

Get the space you need to pack perfectly with front and rear rack extenders for your CFMOTO 800. No more bulky backpacks or fretting about downsizing your packing list; with a roomy storage capacity, you’ll have the confidence you need to ride at your best and the resources you need to sustain your performance and have a great time doing so.

Other Storage Solutions: The CFMOTO Soft Storage Bag

Of course, it’s not just the space that’s a concern while packing; you’ll also need to find the right containers. We’ve all tossed something haphazardly into a bag before, then cursed the lack of pockets when we go to look for the same item later, after all!

While in day-to-day life you may be able to cope with this inconvenience, your trail rides and motocross events are supposed to be nothing but fun—and missing your wallet, car keys, or other stupidly small yet extremely important item is certainly not fun. 

Enter our soft storage bag, though, and you’ll never suffer a packing kerfuffle again! With its generous amount of pockets and its removable insulated pouch, this bag has a place for everything so you can put everything in its place.

Plus, attachment to the rear rack extenders of your CFMOTO 800 is a cinch, so you never need to worry about macgyvering a restraint system out of tie-downs again. It also sports the CFMOTO logo so you can wear your brand with pride.

Armor Up Your CFMOTO ATV With Front and Rear Bumpers

Nothing feels more secure than an armored CFMOTO, and with front and rear bumpers for your CFMOTO 800, you can embrace wicked power alongside near impenetrable strength. Face it: in ATV riding, there’s always a chance of the unexpected. From a tiny stump hidden underneath the snow to an unexpected hiccup in the terrain, your ATV needs to have the defences to stay strong through anything nature can throw at it.

With front and rear bumpers, you’ll get the ultimate in protection and toughness so you can ride worry-free. Plastics, headlights, and taillights will all be shielded from impacts, keeping your CFMOTO 800 in strapping shape and your mind free from fretting.

Use our Online CFMOTO Dealer Locator to Find Your Next Favorite Machine

With accessories and models for every price point that never compromise on quality, CFMOTO is proud to bring a thrilling experience to all types of riders. Find your nearest dealer today and discover your perfect match in our lineup of CFMOTO CFORCE ATVs.