If you work in agriculture, you should demand a machine that keeps up with the job—and CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO side by sides are here to do just that. With a 3000-pound standard winch on our UFORCE models and easy-to-use, hand-controlled braking systems on our CFORCE line, any machine we make is ready for hard work or hard play.

When the work gets tougher than usual, though—say, during calving season or a snowstorm—your CFMOTO steps up right alongside you with an extensive lineup of convenience-boosting, labor-saving, safety-fostering accessories fit for life out there in the country. Below, we’ll detail a few of our favorite picks for farming folk and spill all the details on just why our accessory line is so darn useful.

Take Your Work to the Next Level With a Towing Kit

It’s a staple in the farm work of any agricultural pro: moving heavy loads. From hauling feed bags to seeds, no doubt it comprises a big part of your day. However, modern workloads require more than manpower to get the job done; can you imagine carrying one-hundred five-pound bales of hay by hand three miles through your property for storage?

Luckily, you don’t need to; this side by side manufacturer has got you covered. With our towing kits, you can harness the full power of your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side and get even more done before nightfall. No matter if you’re a poultry tender or a crop farmer, no matter if you run a huge operation or a family-sized one, having a three-thousand-pound capacity hauling machine can mean the difference between a job well-done and one left half-finished—and when you’re on the farm, anything that’s half-finished is as good as not started at all.

Protect Your Investments With Bumpers

Just as in trail riding, farm life has its fair share of the risky and unexpected. While your CFMOTO machine is as quick as they come, it’s always helpful to have a little extra protection where you need it most. You never know when a spooked horse might kick out or you’ll hit a hidden rock in the field.

That’s where bumpers come into play. Fit for a variety of CFMOTO vehicles, these defensive plates keep your headlights, taillights, and vulnerable plastics safe from harm, letting you get ‘er done with self-assurance and the unbridled true grit farmers are known for.

Plus, since they protect your vehicle’s plastic parts, bumpers also serve as valuable protection for livestock. Animals such as horses and cows are known to kick when spooked or threatened, putting fragile parts of their bodies like tendons, ligaments, and skin at risk of tearing when met with shattered plastic. Bumpers help to deflect these potential blows, not only saving your machine’s hide but your animal’s, too—not to mention helping you skirt a costly veterinary farm call.

Navigate Tight Spaces With Surety With Nerf Bars

Barns and other agricultural buildings can get narrow. Have you ever visited a horse barn and had to devise a way to haul feed through stall aisles while dodging tack trunks and wayward riders along the way?

While of course you work hard to avoid them, without the adequate protection from nearby walls and obstacles, your side by side can suffer some serious scratches. It’s not a huge deal in the moment—you own a working machine, after all—but over time this can lead to some serious degradation of any machine’s exterior. 

Nerf bars are the perfect solution. Often seen in the racing scene, they also lend themselves well to more utilitarian tasks—so much so that the CFMOTO line has ones exclusively made to fit the UFORCE 1000.  Like bumpers, they protect your vehicle’s plastic parts—but these fit onto the sides instead of the front, allowing you to traverse narrow spaces with far more confidence and speed. As a bonus, they also feature a step bar, making on-boarding and off-boarding much safer with sloppy, muddy boots.

Make the Work Flow With an Audio System

You wouldn’t have your lifestyle any other way—but there’s no arguing that farm work can fall into drudgery sometimes. Slogging around in the rain fixing fences or stacking hay in triple-digit temperatures isn’t exactly a top-tier recreational choice, even amongst farming folk.

If it’s strength and versatility wasn’t enough, your CFMOTO also offers a way to make the work go a little faster: a universal audio system that fits all ‘20 and newer CFMOTO models. With LifeShield technology and bluetooth compatibility, this is one piece of technology that can bring the fun wherever farm life takes you. And when you’re miles away from your neighbors, planting crops in the middle of your property, you don’t need to worry about disturbing them with your own personal concert!

CFMOTO: For All of Your Farming Needs, Managed

Whether you’re looking for a farming workhorse or just a little recreation, country-style, we’ve got just the machine at just the price point for you. Use our online CFMOTO dealer locator now and get ready to make your agricultural  life a whole lot more fulfilling.