Your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side is a powerful machine. With its in-house designed engine and loads of towing and winch power, it’s made to take you places you could never access on foot, to do things you could never do alone.

That being said, no ATV or side by side is complete without a tough set of four tires beneath it. Without those wheels, mobility is impossible, of course. Less obviously, the tires you use can actually help or hinder your machine in its endeavors, allowing you to tap into its full potential—or to squander it!

We at CFMOTO talk tires below. We’ll delve into exactly why the perfect set is important, how to know when it’s time for replacement, and what to look for in a new set of tires.

The Function of Tires on Your CFMOTO ATV or Side by Side

All tires help your machine move. However, the right set of tires allow its full potential to shine. For example, the right set of tires will aid in your racing endeavors. Certain kinds of ATV tires are made to flex and to give you a great feel of the track beneath your vehicle, giving you the power and control you need to beat the clock—or your fellow competitors.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the racing world, these may be a type to consider. Also something to consider: reading our blog, “Getting Started With ATV Racing.”

Other tires help you tackle tough terrain with confidence. Because they’re built for durability and resist punctures, your machine can effortlessly carry you over grounds that you could never hope to traverse on foot. Pokey pebbles or sharp edges are no match for trail tires. With a solid set of those beneath your chassis, you can focus on the ride and the beauty of the wilds around you. No need to pussyfoot!

Still other types of tires make mucky conditions simple to navigate. When one is working on a farm, for example, sharp obstacles might not be an issue in the pasture—but snow and mud sure will be, and when the going gets tough, the right set of tires can help you get going. With a set of wheels equipped to handle such conditions, work will always get done, rain or shine, slush or slop.

Finding the Right Set of Tires

Just like our various lines of ATVs and side by sides, tires come in various purposes and functionalities. Though one type is not inherently better than another, some will suit certain tasks and riders better than others.

Generally speaking, you’ll probably be safe going with a tire whose name matches your most frequent style of riding. Racing tires, obviously, best suit racers, while trail tires will best suit trail riders, utility tires suit utility riders, and so on and so forth. If you’re on the fence or do a combination of riding styles, consider a more general-purpose tire, often simply called an all-terrain tire.

However, not all brands follow this terminology. Hence, it’s important to know a bit of the technical side of tire-picking to find the perfect fit.

Factors That Affect Tire Functionality

There are loads of factors that change how a set of tires functions—too many to cover in a single blog post. However, the six most influential are as follows:

  • Pattern shape, or how the “knobs” on your tire look
  • Knob size, or how big each individual protrusion is
  • Tread depth, or the height of the rubber that actually makes contact with the terrain
  • The direction of the ply, be it diagonal or perpendicular to the ground
  • The strength of the ply, with a higher number denoting a more durable tire

And finally, you must consider the size of the tire as a whole. There is a huge difference between brands of ATV and side by side when it comes to size requirements. Even models that have the same engine capacity can have remarkably different needs. Check out your owner’s manual for the specific guidelines you need to follow for a smooth, maneuverable ride.

How to Know When You’ll Need Tire Replacement

Again, check your owner’s manual! Your ATV company and side by side manufacturer will have described, in no uncertain terms, when to replace your tires. Generally, you’ll see this guidance in terms of tread depth, as tires tend to wear down over time.

Otherwise, you’ll just begin to feel it. Just like in a car that needs tires, your ATV or side by side might begin to handle less responsibly and struggle with terrain it used to find easy. Physical damage like punctures are also an obvious sign it’s time for a new set.

CFMOTO: When Fun and Functionality Are Top Priorities

No matter what kind of tires you pick, we’ve got just the machine to compliment their purpose. Use our online CFMOTO dealer locator now and get yourself in the driver’s seat today.