Fencing: it’s every livestock owner’s most dreaded chore. Whether you’re redoing the electric after a spooky filly tore through it or stringing high-tensile wire for cattle, it’s a chore that never seems to be done—or done for good, at least.

Even the sturdiest jobs can go down in poor weather or under the feet of surly livestock, and the more acres you have, the more of a headache it seems to become. But there’s a solution, and it’s a CFMOTO side by side: the UFORCE line, to be exact.

A while back on our side by side manufacturer blog, we wrote about “5 Reasons Why a Side by Side is a Farmer’s Best Friend,” but the benefits of owning one don’t end there—your UFORCE is also a fencing powerhouse!

Learn more about how these machines make the “never-ending chore” feel all the more manageable below.

Let Your UFORCE Carry What You Can’t

Or shouldn’t have to, more like. While fencing, once erected, often looks unobtrusive and delicate, anyone who has tried to work with a coil of wire will tell you that the process is anything but!

Often weighing 20 pounds or more, spools of the stuff don’t feel heavy at first, but dragged for a quarter mile in the summer heat, and it’s another story.

That’s not where the heavy lifting part of putting up fencing ends, though. What about hauling posts back to the edge of your five-acre pasture? Or your trusty auger?

Sure, you can handle those tasks with enough manpower, but when bad weather strikes or the job is just too big, even the most strapping farmer can fail.

But a UFORCE? Never! With simple maintenance and care, this machine will see your fencing projects through to the end, serving as your strong-armed partner when human strength just isn’t enough.

In its cargo space, you’ll be able to haul anything from wooden posts to power tools with ease. Attachments are even commercially available that allow you to unspool the wire as you drive!

Everyone needs something to shoulder the load for them now and again, so let your UFORCE lend you its strength.

Make Fewer (and Quicker) Trips

Face it: Fencing requires a lot of materials, and it’s all too easy to forget something or another on your way out to the pasture, especially if your day’s filled up.

Do you have your staples? Your t-post caps? What about your insulators? Your wire cutters? Your clips?

We’ll stop there – you get the idea. It’s hard to carry everything, but it’s even harder to remember it all. And we’ve all run out of supplies in the middle of work before.

That’s where your UFORCE comes in.

As a side by side company, we’ve designed our machines with an extra-roomy cargo space so you can load up on extras of everything you need and not stress about the rest.

And if you do need to head back? Well, you can trust that a CFMOTO, even the workhorse models, has the zippiness and maneuverability you need to make quick trips and get the job done before sundown.

UFORCE Use Enables One-Man Fencing Jobs

Another reality of farming: When something needs to get done, sometimes it needs to get done whether people are around to help or not.

This is especially true when it comes to fencing mishaps. Livestock seemingly have a way of knowing exactly when it would be the most inconvenient for them to cause chaos!

Just ask any horseman when their herd is most likely to need a vet, for example, and they’ll answer, “Holidays, nights, and weekends” without hesitation!

When time is of the essence, you might not always have a friend at your beck and call, but your UFORCE always can be the extra hand you need. Whether your fencing job requires just someone to hold up the fence or your tools, the versatility of your UFORCE means you’ve got the resources to tackle that tricky task solo.

So put your gloves on, hitch up the trailer, and load those cattle panels—you’ve got work to do!

Make Farm Life Easier With a CFMOTO

From bright headlights to powerhouse winches, our line of utility sport side by sides is equipped with everything the farmer needs to keep their operation running smoothly. Haul hay with the 1250-pound towing capacity of the UFORCE 800 EPS, or tackle that rocky pasture with the UFORCE 1000’s high ground clearance. Outmaneuver that stray cow in the compact chassis of the upcoming 2021 UFORCE 600 and get your livestock back to safety.

We’ve got the machines you need for life in the country, and they’re only a click away when you use our online CFMOTO Dealer Locator.

Check out our full utility side by side lineup today and discover what more than a decade of mechanical ingenuity can do for your farm!