Holing up in a campsite is a great outdoor retreat for a lot of people—you’re just not one of them! Whether it’s cruising through buttes or tearing up the dunes, you and your CFMOTO are always down for a weekend of adventure and thrills.

Sure, you like to take it easy now and again, but it’s hard to resist the power and high-octane fun your CFMOTO always brings with it.

That being said, it’s hard to have fun with your gear spilling everywhere, and stuck buddies can really put a damper on the fun if you’re not able to help them.

When you’re as thrill-seeking as you are, you need extra-tough accessories to make your weekend camping trip go off without a hitch—and we’ve got suggestions for you below.

Keep It All Contained in a Cargo Box

A staple for CFMOTO ATV fans everywhere, our brand-specific argo box is a roomy alternative to clunky backpacks and lumpy pockets.

Sleek, rugged, and secure, its 24-gallon capacity can hold pretty much anything under the sun. Keep your phone dry and secure while ripping through the mud, or keep an emergency set of power tools with you for fixing up campsite mishaps. The potential is practically limitless.

Who Should Get it?

CFMOTO ATV owners who love long trail rides can benefit from this accessory. When you’re miles away from the campsite with negligible cell service, it’s important to have quite a bit of safety gear on you—first aid kits, electrolyte drinks, spare clothes, you name it.

Carrying all of this in a backpack not only can lead to sore shoulders, but it also can be unsafe – imagine if it got caught on a tree branch!

Campers who have a ZFORCE model may also find this to be of use. While the ZFORCE is as zippy as they come, some might not have the cargo space you need to carry all your gear. With a cargo box, though, you can have both storage and speed!

Stay Safe With Side-View Mirrors

Nothing is more fun than camping with a group. Moving from campground to campground and seeing the sights along the way is a great way to make memories!

That being said, driving in a group takes a little bit more spatial awareness than does riding alone. Even when traveling in a well-spaced line, it’s always necessary to know how far your fellow riders are from you to avoid accidents, and to keep track of everyone so nobody gets left behind!

Side mirrors for your CFMOTO Side by Side are a great help. Instead of craning your neck over your shoulder to do a headcount, thus taking your eyes off the road and risking danger, simply glance to your left and get a good idea of the welfare of your caravan.

Who Should Get it?

Anyone who goes camping in a group! While this accessory is helpful for any rider—who doesn’t appreciate increased visibility—if you’re ever thinking of bringing fellow riders along, it’s a must-have to guarantee a fun trip.

Anyone who is thinking about going to a practice track should also jot this one down. While these may not be a common camping destination, they are prominent fixtures at many weekend-worthy terrain parks, and the fact that they’re often used by many vehicles at a time means it becomes unsafe to use them without the extra visibility.

Keep Your Winch Useful With a Fairlead

All CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO Side by Sides come standard with a winch. As an ATV company and side by side manufacturer, we feel it’s our job to give our customers everything they need to stay safe with their vehicles no matter what they’re doing.

Indeed, a winch is an important part of remote, high-adrenaline riding, as it can latch onto almost anything for a helping hand if you land yourself in trouble.

However, due to unfortunate and inevitable physics, winches lose quite a bit of their strength to lateral movement if the target is positioned at an angle, and they also pose a threat to bystanders if, for whatever reason, the winch was to snap and whip back and forth in the process.

The solution? An affordable fairlead from CFMOTO! At less than $25, it’s a reasonably priced investment that more than pays for itself in its usefulness.

By neatly framing in your winch, it eliminates sideways strain when you’re pulling at an angle, allowing you to access the device’s full strength and keeping nearby pedestrians safe if an accident were to occur.

Who Should Get it?

We won’t beat around the bush: everyone.

You never know when you’ll need to pull yourself out of a tough spot and thus be unable to adjust your vehicle to the perfect angle before doing so.

You never know when a buddy will get stuck in the mud and need fast help before their vehicle sinks further.

If you take to the trails to camp on a regular basis, a fairlead is for you!

CFMOTO: Accessories for Every Rider

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