If you know Wisconsin as only the place where really good cheese comes from, you’re not alone; quite a few people, even within the Midwest, tend to treat the place as a dairy-obsessed afterthought—sort of the “weird cousin” of the region, if you will. But if you’re a CFMOTO ATV enthusiast who has never set foot across state lines, you’re missing out. As far as ATV trails go, Wisconsin is a hidden gem!

The area is well-known for its beautiful forests, crystalline waters, and general woodsy, outdoorsy feel—something that pretty much any outdoor finatic of a CFMOTO owner can get behind! Below, we’ll dive into a few of the state’s highlights, complete with recommendations to follow before you go.

A Brief Caveat

Before we dive in: a word. Park and trail regulations are always subject to change, especially given the ever-fluctuating guidelines surrounding local weather conditions. Trails may be closed unpredictably thanks to unsafe terrain, for example. Before making plans, make sure to visit the location’s official website and ensure you’ve got the go-ahead.

And, as always, keep up with ATV maintenance so that your CFMOTO can be ready for anything!

Chippewa County ATV Trail

For the trail rider that enjoys the challenge, and who has perhaps dabbled in track riding, Chippewa County’s ATV trail leaves nothing to be desired. Countless hills and sloping valleys make it a heart-pounding challenge to negotiate, but you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous views of beaver ponds and lovely lakeside scenes.

The trail system measures nineteen miles, so it’s a manageable jaunt for the ambitious CFMOTO ATV owner. Just be mindful of the local wildlife. According to the county’s official website, they’re in abundance here!

What to Know Before You Go

A significant tourist destination, Chippewa county features a plethora of dining, lodging, and other outdoor recreational opportunities, so if you’re looking for a vacation spot where you can fit in some ATV riding, this is it. However, this also means that you’ll need to be conscientious about when, exactly, you choose to head up to beat the summertime rush.

Perhaps because it’s such a destination, the trails are subject to use from a wide variety of folks, so be kind and cautious. It’s also two-way, so drive slowly when cresting a hill or valley, as the slopes can sometimes impair visibility.

Cheese County Trails

Okay, fine, even though Wisconsin is gorgeous, it maybe can’t escape the whole dairy association entirely. Regardless, Cheese County Trails are a must-see. They wander through Green, Lafayette, and Iowa counties, and, having dodged the glacial terrain formation a great deal of the state underwent, the terrain remains gently sloping and rather manageable.

Forty-seven miles long, it might be a bit much for some riders to tackle in a day. Luckily, though, there are plenty of spots to stop along the way—and a whole lot of cheese to eat there, too. Lactose intolerant folks and dairy aficionados alike, take note.

What to Know Before You Go

This trail system, like the one listed before it, is used by a variety of people, but one subclass in particular might throw you for a loop: equestrians. Most horse and rider pairs are used for ATVs; our utility sport side x side line is primarily for farm work, so you know these sorts of vehicles are prominent at the stables!

That being said, horses are large, powerful, and sometimes unpredictable creatures that deserve your respect. When encountering a rider, slow down, pull over, and proceed with caution. Check out our side by side manufacturer blog entry, “Sharing the Trails Responsibly,” for more tips on coexisting with trailbound equines.

Iron County Trails

This behemoth of a trail system spans around 200 miles, and as you can imagine, there’s loads of stuff along the way to discover. Lodging, food, lakes, you name it, and it’s probably no more than a short jaunt away from wherever you happen to find yourself on these trails.

Though it’s hard to account for the terrain type of such a large expanse of land, Iron County itself is heavily forested, making it a great choice for the rider who wants a true taste of the Northern experience.

What to Know Before You Go

Like we said, this is a massive trail system, so if you plan to tackle it in multiple days, you should definitely plan out your route ahead of time, complete with pit stops for food, gas, and lodging. In addition, when winter rolls around, you can use a wide variety of snowmobile trails in the area (they’re designated safe for ATV use, too). As always, though, check the signs and stay safe!

Riverview ATV Park

If you’re looking to ride your ATV, side-by-side, or motorcycle somewhere that’s perfect for the entire family, Riverview ATV Park is a great bet. It’s situated on Lake Michigan and close to a historical area with around 40 buildings on the National Historic Register.

After you’re done exploring the 220 acres of ATV park, you can take the family or your friends to visit some historical sites, such as the Kewaunee Historical Society Museum. Overall, it’s a great area for new riders.

What to Know Before You Go

Because this is an ATV park, you’ll be able to enjoy most of the terrain on your vehicle. There’s around 20 miles of trails, including areas to climb hills. So, you don’t have to worry as much about sharing the trails here as you might in other places.

The site also boasts access to fishing, swimming, and more. There are also nearby vineyards and golfing, so even those in your party who don’t ride ATVs will have something to do.

Tuscobia State Trail

With over 20 miles of trails for ATV riders, you’ll want to explore the beautiful Blue Hills on your new side-by-side. The trails here are particularly stunning, as you’ll get to see beautiful pine trees and maybe some wildlife if you’re lucky.

This is a great area to visit if you love the outdoors. The trails go through Flambeau River State Forest, and there are many campsites and rivers along the way.

What to Know Before You Go

Because this area is mostly in the wilderness, you'll want to be especially aware of the weather conditions. Keep an eye out for changing situations and look to see if the trails are open before you head out. But, while Tuscobia State Trail is mostly in the forest, there are some nearby restaurants and bars to check out after your adventure!

CFMOTO: Let’s Hit the Trails!

Whether you’re on a CFMOTO Side by Side or ATV, you’ll be in the driver’s seat of a massively powerful machine that’s ready to tackle the toughest terrain. So don your helmet and get ready to ride! Use our CFMOTO Dealer Locator to find a qualified vendor near you.