When it comes to souping up your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side, you've got tons of options available to customize your machine to your liking. We’ve just released a new 2021 line of accessories specifically made for our powerhouse of a lineup; check them all out on our ATV company blog in the entry “Universal Accessories for Your 2021 CFMOTO.”

One thing that that blog doesn’t touch on, though, is our love for the KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separator. If that sounds like a bunch of words straight out of a science fiction novel, hang tight; we’ll explain all you need to know about it below, as well as how it can help you and your 20/21 CFMOTO ZFORCE 950 play harder and work longer.

First: A Brief ATV Anatomy Primer

To understand the ingenuity of this gadget, a bit of preemptive knowledge of how your CFMOTO’s engine works is in order. Relax: it’s basic stuff!

Let’s begin by understanding the air filter. It’s a cylindrical shaped apparatus that resembles a pool filter. As its name implies, it sits in front of where air enters the engine, catching everything from insects to sand particles and stopping their unwanted presence.

Why, exactly, is that presence unwanted? Well, for starters, combustion engines (those that use gasoline, like in your CFMOTO) need to “breathe” clean air to function at their peak, as oxygen is a prerequisite for the combustion process to take place.

When sand particles, dust, and other debris clog up your engine’s inner workings, as would happen without the presence of an air filter, it means less air flows, causing a decrease in performance. Left to its own devices long enough, gunk accumulation can even outright damage your engine by causing excessive friction, necessitating costly repairs!

Okay, cool, you now understand that your ATV’s air filtration system is essential to its performance and longevity—and, of course, to keeping your pocketbook full. But where on Earth does the KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separator come into play in all this?

Protect Your Air Filtration System with a KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separator

Your air system catches a lot of flack, especially if you ride in sand or tend to get messy on the trails. Unfortunately, a too-dirty or otherwise poorly functioning air filtration system can have the same effects as not having one in the first place. When the filter itself is clogged with debris, insignificant air amounts can flow through, starving out your engine and leading to friction-related difficulties.

Aside from regular filter cleaning and/or replacement—which is something all ATV owners should be doing, regardless of brand—there’s one other thing you can do to make sure your air filtration system functions at its peak. It’s a secret weapon: The KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separator.

Stop Problematic Particles Before They Hit Your Filter

The KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separator serves as sort of a safety checkpoint for your other air filter. It stops up to 98 percent of problematic materials from even reaching your air filter in the first place! Awesome stats aside, why would you want to invest in a pre-filter if you already have a stock filter that protects your engine?

Why Does This Matter?

Well, for one, filter changes can be expensive—not occasionally, of course, as they tend to run only in the double digits, but over time that adds up. Secondly, cleaning filters can be a real time-consuming hassle. Now and again you probably won’t mind it, as it’s just part of owning an ATV, but it gets to be a drag if you’ve got a whole fleet that needs tending or a life to get back to (don’t we all!)

Thirdly, it, quite frankly, gives you a worry-free ride. We’ve all had those moments where we realize we’ve fallen behind on our maintenance protocol right as we pull into the track or trail parking lot; with a KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separator, these moments can be a thing of the past. By drastically reducing the frequency of filter maintenance, it enables you to roll up to rides always ready to have a good time.

What Makes the KWT Pre-Filter Particle Separator Stand Out

Out of all the similar products on the market, it’s hands down our favorite. Here’s why.

  • 98 percent is a huge amount of protection
  • Operation is practically silent—all you’ll hear is the roar of your CFMOTO’s powerful engine!
  • Installation is speedy—twenty minutes, as claims the official website
  • No electricity needed means no strain on your battery

You’ll hardly notice its presence, but you’ll certainly notice the difference in maintenance requirements!

CFMOTO: ReAdy for Anything

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