If you’re lucky enough to have a trailer, the sky’s the limit when it comes to where you can go with your CFMOTO ATV. If you get the right licensure, you can even go on a cross-country road trip! Haul your machine from state to state, stopping at notable parks or motocross tracks. With a trailer and hitch, there’s almost nothing you can’t do.

That is, provided you know how to tow.

While it may seem straightforward, there is a little more to towing than parking your ATV on your rig, and doing it right is essential for your vehicles’ welfare and the safety of other drivers on the road. But don't worry—CFMOTO has got you covered, just like our machines always do.

Below, you’ll find a host of handy hints to help you do towing right, straight from an ATV manufacturer and side by side company.

The Lowdown on Loading

The towing journey starts with the often-ignored first step that is loading. You drive an ATV up two ramps, one for each side, that connect to the trailer. While this task is by no means rocket science, it definitely can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You’re working with a heavy, powerful machine and a steep slope—that’s a volatile combination, but it doesn’t need to be if you do the following:

Get Aluminum Loading Ramps

Yes, wood is cheap. No, it’s not very safe.

Though you may have seen plenty of riders make do with external materials, the only thing that will get you reliably loaded is ramps made specifically for the task. Lightweight and grippy, they’re easy to transport and drive up, as opposed to wood, which gets slick in the rain and tends to be heavy. Many even are made with materials spanning the traditional gap, which makes loading up loads less stressful.

Wear a Helmet

No, you won’t be blindly flooring it. In fact, that’s the exact opposite of how to load an ATV! However, you will be driving up a pair of narrow, sloped ramps, and given that loading can sometimes be a touchy process when you’re first learning how to do it, it’s not smart to take any risks. Put your helmet on. There’s no reason not to.

Reduce Your Angle

Any seasoned off-road rider will tell you that negotiating hills can be tricky, and while loading is made easier by grippy ramps, too steep of a slope can be off-putting and even dangerous to a new rider. Consider investing in a long set of ramps that cut down on the angle of your climb, which give a much smoother and gradual ascent.

Don’t Slam on the Brakes

That’s number-one on the list of no-no’s! Especially when you’re using harsh, 45-degree angle ramps, slamming on the brakes can cause your ATV to quite literally flip over, just as it would on the trails when braking on a similar slope. To avoid needing to stop suddenly, check and double-check the alignment of your ATV’s wheels with the ramps before committing to the load.

Towing Tutorials

You’ve pulled out into the road with your ATV in your trailer, but now’s not the time to crank the tunes and go on autopilot! Just like loading, towing isn’t exceptionally hard, but it does require attention, the right equipment, and impeccable road manners.

Gear Up

You probably already know you’ll be using trailer ties to secure your ATV, and indeed, these are the best thing to use, thanks to their strength. But not just any trailer tie will do. Those that feature both ratchets and s-hooks are by far the most secure option, as they are easily adjustable and come in a variety of load capacities for the perfect price and fit. As a general rule, the lighter your ATV is, the tighter your tie-downs will need to be.

 As for trailers, your options are a bit more open, and while we of course, as an ATV company, recommend those specifically made for that type of machine, plenty of higher-side options will do. Just don’t cut corners with your tires; you don’t want to risk a blow-out.

Drive Nicely

With your ATV in tow, you’re going to move slower than vehicles surrounding you. There’s simply no way around it unless you want to risk your trailer swaying, so it’s best to accept your fate and drive kindly.

Passing will require extra care, and in many cases you won’t be able to do it given your size and speed restrictions. If you do need to pass, don’t cut in front of other cars. You can’t stop as quickly now, and getting rear-ended can have dire consequences for your ATV.

CFMOTO: Always Ready to Go

You’re always raring for adventure, so you deserve a machine that can keep up: A CFMOTO Side by Side or ATV. Use our online CFMOTO Dealer Locator now and discover where reliability, strength, and maneuverability can take you.