Your CFMOTO ATV or side by side is a powerful, versatile machine. With in-house-made engines and price points for every budget, we’ve made vehicles for every outdoorsman and every purpose.

But we don’t stop there. This year, we’ve released a line of universal accessories for working hard and playing harder, no matter what that means for you. Whether you’re checking out your livestock or your favorite trail’s scenic views, CFMOTO is rolling out a line of the add-ons you need to customize your machine to be your best outdoor partner.

Harness the Power With a Towing Kit

Few utilitarian vehicles are complete without solid towing potential, and CFMOTO has the perfect kit. Coming complete with a receiver hitch, pin, and clip, and a reinforcement bar in the upper-level model, it’s got everything you need to hook up and roll out.

Tap into the hundreds of pounds of strength that your CFMOTO has in it to landscape, move hunting catches, or haul hay. Campers might use it, combined with a trailer, to make transporting their setups all the easier. The possibilities are endless!

CFMOTO towing kits are available in two forms, so be sure to pick the one that corresponds to your vehicle’s model. Though the price points differ, both are affordable solutions to a variety of towing needs.

Tow Safely With a Trailer Wiring Kit

The towing capacity of your CFMOTO is awesome, but large cargo can block out your brake lights, making for a dangerous situation even if you aren’t in a high-traffic area. All pedestrians deserve to have ample warning of your upcoming actions, and these can be hard to convey over the roar of your CFMOTO’s powerful engine!

Enter our universal trailer wiring kit. As its name suggests, it fits all models, and it allows you to hook up your trailer lights to your CFMOTO, meaning that any passerby or followers will have a visual cue that indicates you’re changing speeds, stopping, or making a complex maneuver. Not only does this help keep other riders and those on foot safe, it’s a valuable safety feature for your own good, as well as that of your ATV or side by side, trailer, and cargo.

At an affordable price, our trailer wiring kit is a no-brainer for CFMOTO owners who like to tow.

Keep Cargo Secure With a CF Connect Clamp

In addition to our universal line of accessories, CFMOTO also offers quite a few helpful, model-specific add-ons. Our cargo boxes, for example, can carry your gear safely and securely. However, those cargo boxes only can provide security if they themselves are securely attached to your vehicle’s rack. It’s just common sense—you don’t want anything to go flying off!

Common sense problems require common sense solutions like our CF Connect clamp. With the push of a lever it anchors accessories to your vehicle’s rack, rendering them immovable—unless you push that lever again to easily release them. 

With the help of these hardy and handy little devices and the cargo boxes they support, you’ll never have to worry about the welfare of what you carry with you again.

Be Ready for Anything With a Synthetic Winch Rope

A synthetic rope serves as an extra-tough, extra-safe, extra-convenient version of the steel type that’s commonly used in outdoor vehicles.

  • Synthetic ropes, if snapped, will simply hit the ground. If you accidentally push your winch’s limits and something were to go wrong, you’re saved from injurious whiplash.
  • Many models simply have more strength to them than steel ropes.
  • Being light, they make room on your ATV or side by side for extra cargo.
  • They’re smooth-textured and easy to handle.

Just like with a towing kit, you can use a synthetic rope to fully unlock the power of your CFMOTO. Having a synthetic winch line opens up a whole new world of pulling possibilities!

Jam Out With an Audio System

Forget having to lug along and secure an off-brand speaker—CFMOTO’s got you covered with our audio rig! Four speakers, a dome light, and radio and bluetooth access make it the only set of speakers you’ll ever need for anything outdoors. Set the atmosphere at your campsite or make day-to-day farm chores a little easier with some good tunes.

Watch the Road With a Rearview Mirror

In your commuter car, you rely on your rearview on a daily basis—and we at CFMOTO are here to bring you that comfort in your outdoor machine with our center mirror assembly. Check what’s behind you with a single glance and get back to watching the road ahead.  No more craning your neck!

Preserve the Integrity of Your Synthetic Winch With a Fairlead

No winch will last forever—but with the help of a fairlead, you can make the most out of the many workable years yours has. A fairlead is a device which mitigates the lateral strain on your winch, which in turn allows for both a more powerful pulling action and reduces fraying. It’s a smart investment, both financially and functionally.

Different fairleads work differently with different winches; if you’re unsure if our fairlead model is a fit for your winch, contact your CFMOTO dealer for help.

Build the Perfect CFMOTO by Starting With a Good Foundation

Our accessories are awesome, but the base of our brand is, and has always been, our machines. Use our CFMOTO dealer locator now and see how a great engine and tough construction can revolutionise the way you experience the outdoors.