What better time to plan a camping getaway? With social distancing easy to practice, given that other people will be few and far between, you can’t get much safer than a remote getaway in your favorite wooded or otherwise wild area. Plus, there is nothing like the warm spring weather to melt your stress away.

That being said, anyone will still tell you that keeping safety in mind while camping is paramount. You’re far from home and possibly human civilization, which means there are numerous hazards you must contend with. But they’ll be small potatoes with a CFORCE, ZFORCE, or UFORCE to help!

Your CFMOTO Can Help you Deal With Wildlife

Though you may feel at home in the wilds, the area is not your turf – that title belongs to the local wildlife. Unfortunately, thanks to the infringement of local urban areas and the resulting shrink in habitat size, animals are becoming ever bolder around humans. Some even have no qualms about waltzing into a campsite for a late-night snack!

When nature and you aren’t in harmony, a camping trip can quickly turn much more stressful than it needs to be. That’s why your CFMOTO is the perfect go-between. With its help and that of the proper equipment, you can keep unwanted critters away from your campsite and make life easier for all parties involved.

It’s a Cinch to Raise Bear Bags With Your Winch

Bear bags keep supplies stored in a tree, far away from opportunistic wildlife, but storing food this way is a skill that takes time and strength to perform even once, let alone master. With a little ingenuity and the power behind your CFMOTO’s winch, though, you can hoist up bag after bag without tiring, making sure you and your family are well-fed for the whole trip – and that local creatures don’t take advantage of you.

Keep Wildlife Away With Ultrabright Headlights

Though you of course will want to keep them dimmed if you’re camping in close proximity to anyone, in which case you probably wouldn’t need their wildlife-repelling effects anyway. Regardless, it’s common sense that nighttime critters don’t like bright light, and few brands have better-quality headlights than we do.

Whether you’re traveling in between campsites or letting creatures know you’re there as you’re setting up camp, the LED projector beam headlights available on some CFMOTOs will get the job done perfectly.

Your CFMOTO Helps to Protect You From Theft

Though it might seem a little strange to think about, theft does happen on camping trips. Think about it: you’re out of your comfort zone, most likely far away from a local police station, and any would-be burglar probably has plenty of natural cover.

We don’t mean to scare you out of the stress-free camping experience you deserve. In fact, when you have your CFMOTO along for the ride, you and your family will be safer than ever.

Keep Your Belongings Tidy & Organized

If your campsite looks like a tornado went through it after a long day of hiking, we don’t blame you! When all you want to do is relax and take a load off, the last thing you’re thinking about is organization! If all your stuff is scattered about, though, it’s easy for a thief to make off with a small valuable without anyone noticing.

However, if your camping equipment is neatly contained on the back of your CFMOTO, you’ll notice any hair out of place, and a potential thief is much less likely to approach an organized cargo space, as rooting through a container prevents them from a clean getaway.

If cargo space is a major concern for you (you don’t camp light), consider a utility side by side model. The line’s massive strength and roomy construction make it a no-brainer!

Keep Larger Valuables Safe

It’s recommended that you tether your bigger valuables, like a grill or cooler, to deter theft, but there’s never a guarantee that a sturdy post will be available – unless you have a CFMOTO, that is!

With a variety of affordable accessories available, from towing kits to rack systems, you can equip your vehicle with all that it needs to be the physical anchor that keeps your belongings in your hands – and your hands only.

Make CFMOTO Your Camping Companion

Looking to upgrade your outdoor experience? This ATV company and side by side manufacturer has just the hardworking, fun-loving machine you need. Plus, when you get your hands on a CFMOTO, you’ll join a thriving community of outdoorsy folk who love and respect the wilderness as much as you do.

What are you waiting for? Use our online CFMOTO Dealer Locator now and set yourself up for an outdoor blast