The winch – it’s something that many ATV companies and side by side manufacturers charge extra for, but not us at CFMOTO. It’s available standard on a wide variety of models, giving your ride power, strength, and above all, versatility. Check out a few clever ways to make use of the thousands of pounds of power your CFMOTO ATV or side by side has below.

Safely Navigate Steep Terrain

That off-balance feeling you get on your normally sturdy CFMOTO when you’re climbing up steep hills? You’re not imagining it. All ATVs and side by sides can struggle and become a little tipsy when asked to ascend at too small an angle. And when this happens, it isn’t just a blow to your riding ego – it’s genuinely dangerous.


●        If you try to floor it up a steep hill, your vehicle could roll!


●        As your wheels struggle to help you ascend, you could slip, lose traction, or get stuck!


●        If you’ve got a passenger behind you, you could be in even more trouble!


In short, climbing up a steep hill with any sort of ATV can be difficult and dangerous, but not if you’re on a CFORCE ATV or a CFMOTO side by side with a winch! Take a cue from forestry vehicles and use it as an anchor further up the hill to maintain control of your machine. Enlist the help of a sturdy tree and a couple of buddies to spot you and get ready to make once dicey uphill treks easy as pie.


Don’t, however, use this technique without knowing the caveats. A few things to keep in mind:


●        Always use a tree-saver! If you don’t, your winch could leave horrible scars on the tree. Leave nature as pristine as you can.


●        Practice this on gentle hills before you’re required to break it out in a bind. Just like many aspects of riding, it requires skill, and it can be just as dangerous as slipping or rolling if you get in over your head.


●        Keep steady tension on the line. You don’t want any sudden lurches.


●        Remember, there’s a limit to how much your winch can take. Look out for signs of strain, and if your winch isn’t strong enough to pull your model, then don’t risk it!

Make Your Hunting Trip a Breeze

Big game animals are, well, big, and for many a hunter hauling that deer where it needs to be is backbreaking work, sometimes literally.  After a long day of hunting, too, the last thing you want to do is all that physical exertion!

Whether you’re looking to make your hunting trip simpler or need some extra force to compensate for that which you’re unable to give, the winch on your CFMOTO can help. If your catch is resting in a location where you or your ATV or side by side can’t get to, for example, just toss the winch around it from a far and drag the animal to a more accessible spot. You can also use a winch, when combined with a snatch block, to hoist and even skin a deer, which drastically cuts down on the physical force and time needed otherwise to prepare and butcher the animal.


Indeed, a CFMOTO with a winch is a hunter’s dream. It solves historic problems and brings hunting into the modern age – something that hunters of old and young can appreciate!

Bring Your Boat to Safety

With the crazy weather the entire USA has been having lately, it’s easy for your fishing boat or recreational boat to get in a bind. Partially sunken boats can be a real mood-killer, needless to say. And if you happen to encounter any of the aforementioned crazy weather while out on a boating trip, emergency landing spots can be hard to find.


Luckily, if you own a CFMOTO, you’ve got a boater’s best friend in your winch. With its strength, your machine can slowly and gradually help to empty a partially sunken boat of water. Just be sure to go slow if you try this! Sudden jerks can both damage the boat by pulling it into the dock and put excess strain on your winch.


By the same token, if you need to get off the water quickly, a CFORCE or UFORCE with a winch can be your greatest ally, too. Turn anywhere into a boathouse with a winch when you’ve got a CFMOTO on your side!  Take shelter from sudden storms, ensure your boat is safely ashore, and live to sail another day.

For the Best in Versatility, There’s Nothing Like a CFMOTO

We’re an ATV manufacturer and side-by-side company that builds with the true multi-purpose mavens in mind. No matter if you need a steady farmhand, an adrenaline-pumping recreational machine, or both, we’ve got models laden with features to cater.


Find your nearest CFMOTO dealer today using our online CFMOTO dealer locator and experience how our machines can simplify nearly anything life throws your way.