Though it’s known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” we think it should be called the “Land of 10,000 Trails!” Indeed, if you’re looking for heart-pounding, show-stopping fun with your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO Side by Side this spring, look no further than Minnesota.


Now that its frigid temperatures have lifted and the snow is turning to slush, it’s the perfect time to go out and get muddy – or not! The state’s trails are so diverse that there’s truly something for every type of rider.

Appleton Area Recreational Park

Despite its rather bland-sounding name, this park is anything but. It boasts a variety of trail difficulties, for one, so that every rider can take it easy or push their limits. The choice is up to them! With three-hundred and thirty acres to traverse, there’s no shortage of adventure here. Rock climbs and water pits await more experienced riders, while smooth, beginner-friendly trails await the novice.


Arguably the coolest thing about the park? The neighboring town of Appleton permits ATV travel on posted roads! Test your skills at the OHV park and then take your CFMOTO into town and peruse the facilities. Tuck into a nice dinner or just show off your ride, or socialize with other riders from the CFMOTO Power Syndicate. Just like at the Appleton Area Recreational Park, the possibilities for fun are endless.


But you’re used to that, aren’t you? You ride a CFMOTO, after all!

What to Know Before You Go

●        The park is only open from sunrise to sunset.

●        A variety of vehicles are permitted at the park – it’s an OHV park, after all!

●        There is a youth practice track available, so keep an eye out for young riders and drive courteously.

●        The park is free of charge!


Spider Lake Trails

Now here’s a trail system with a cooler name! Spider Lake Trails, just like the aforementioned Appleton Area Recreational Park, has a variety of difficulty levels that span its entirety. It’s not a park, per se, but a 29-mile-long trail system inside of Foot Hills State Forest.


As far as terrain type goes, it definitely isn’t a smooth trail. Challenges await, from curves to ridges to hills. It also has its fair share of sandy footing. Since it’s reported that Spider Lake Trails is somewhat slopey, we wouldn’t doubt you’d need to be ready for some mud during the springtime season.

What to Know Before You Go

●        If it’s muddy there, make sure you have your winch at the ready (you’re lucky that it comes standard on a variety of CFMOTO vehicles).

●        Ride with a buddy. It’s easy to get lost in a forest, where everything looks the same!

●        Study up on how to get your vehicle unstuck before heading out. Better safe than sorry!

●        Parking lots are not plowed.

●        Lodging is available at the nearby town of Pine River.

●        This system has snowmobile trails, so keep an eye out for places your vehicle might not be allowed.

Snake Creek Trail

This one doesn’t open until May, but Snake Creek Trail makes itself well worth the wait.  Scenic views, challenging climbs, and a location bordering the Mississippi River Valley, it’s a must-see for anyone who adores the landscape that makes Minnesota, well, Minnesota. The trail cuts through bluff country, and you can expect some portions of it to descend all the way to bedrock.


Just take it slow: Snake Creek Trail has some sights you won’t want to miss, and challenges that you won’t want to run headfirst into.

What to Know Before you Go

●        Refresh yourself when it comes to your limits on handling tricky terrain. A rocky park is no place to get into a wreck.

●        We said this above, but we’ll say it again: The park doesn’t open until May.

●        Check out the nearby town of Kellog for food, lodging, and gasoline.

●        It’s always important to ride with a buddy, but it’s doubly so here, given that the terrain can be challenging.

●        This is only a trail for ATVs, and even the trails those ATVs are allowed on are restricted. We promise that the pristine nature surrounding the area makes the trip here worth it, though!


See Minnesota From the Driver’s Seat of a CFMOTO

There’s no better way to see such a state than with a CFMOTO on your side. As an ATV company and side by side manufacturer, we’ve designed our products to stand tough against turbulent terrain and adverse weather alike, and since you’ll find both in Minnesota, there’s no better brand. See the sights and breathe that fresh Northern air this spring and make your Midwest OHV trip with your CFMOTO a priority.


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