You probably bought your ATV as a recreation vehicle – one whose primary purpose is fun. That’s as valid a purpose as any! In these trying times, we all need a break from the ordinary, and there’s no doubt you’ll find that on a CFMOTO ATV. Adrenaline-pumping thrills and the roar of the motor can chase all your blues away quickly as a wink.


But your CFMOTO ATV is useful for a lot more than having fun. As a nationwide ATV company and side by side manufacturer, we’ve engineered our vehicles with the versatility and power needed to render them reliable partners for a countless variety of tasks. When you’re looking for something to make your working life easier and push you as a person, look no further than a CFMOTO.

Boost Your Confidence


To many new riders, the strength and power crammed into the engine of a CFMOTO can, at first, be intimidating. Likewise, trails too can pose a challenge; you never know what kinds of terrain you’ll encounter or what’s just beyond the next turn. Indeed, the riding lifestyle has its fair share of the unexpected and daunting, but it’s exactly the unexpected and daunting that help you to grow.


In the driver’s seat of a CFMOTO, you’ll learn how to handle phenomenal power so that you can cruise confidently through anything that comes your way. Our machines are designed to be reliable and easy-to-maneuver, meaning that conquering challenges and boosting your confidence are almost inseparable from owning one. Watch yourself flourish as you push past your limits with the help of a CFMOTO and tackle ever trickier trails.


This newfound go-getter attitude isn’t just limited to your riding experiences, though. By responsibly and safely facing what you once thought held you back, you can gain the courage to do the same in other areas of your life. Use the time with your CFMOTO ATV as a mental training ground and watch the new you break through outside of it.

Plow Snow

If you live in a more northerly state, you know that winter snow loads are a major headache. Unexpected storms or lazy snow-plowing service can quite simply derail a whole day. With a CFMOTO in your garage, though, this is no longer a concern. With the right equipment, your ATV can do the plowing itself!


Imagine never having to shovel your driveway again. No more sore muscles! No frostbite from hours wasting your weekend toiling in the snow! With its powerful engine, your CFMOTO can effortlessly get the job done in a fraction of the time, and its great maneuverability makes it a great fit for places that like to get patchy and slick.

Your New Hunting Partner

Need help getting your catch to your car? Tired of lugging heavy hunting gear all the way to your stand? Wish you simply had more time to hunt? A CFMOTO can help. With an over 600-pound towing capacity and tough steel storage racks on even the most affordable model, any one of our ATVs can help to shoulder some of the work that comes with weekend hunts.


Plus, with heart-stopping speed and tight steering capabilities, you’ll be able to quickly get to the most remote of places, leaving more time for what really matters: you and the great outdoors.


Even if you believe in the principles of “fair chase” or shooting from an ATV is illegal where you are, all the outside labor-reducing roles your CFMOTO still can serve make owning one just like having a rock-solid hunting buddy, without all the scheduling frustrations.

CFMOTOs Are a Fun-Seeking Farmer’s Dream


While our UFORCE line of side by sides was specifically designed with the working person in mind, don’t shortchange the CFMOTO CFORCE ATVs. With their rugged physiques and remarkable towing power, they can take on everything from plowing small fields to hauling bales of hay. After the day’s work is done, unhitch and zip around your property for a much-deserved break. Your high-visibility headlights will show you the way home.


Of course, your CFMOTO ATV is useful for more than the day-to-day farm chores. When things get hairy, you can trust that your machine will bring the power you need to take charge. Round up wayward livestock when a fence goes down, or get seeds in the ground before nightfall. Quickly take first aid supplies to an injured animal or tackle that last-minute chore before bad weather rolls in.


No matter the trial, you’ll be confident and capable in the driver’s seat of your CFMOTO, and you can expect that confidence and capability day in and day out. Our machines’ tough-as-nails construction and steady reliability make sure of it.

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