Welcome to the world of outdoor vehicles! If you’re ready to make the leap into ownership, you no doubt have an exciting road ahead. From zipping down trails with your best friends to challenging yourself and pushing your personal limits, owning an ATV opens up a whole new world of fun and opportunity. We at CFMOTO are so glad you’re joining the ranks.


There’s just one hurdle between you and the exhilaration of the ride: purchasing an all-terrain vehicle.


While buying your first ATV is an exciting and fun process, it’s also a complicated one. There’s so much to consider, from financing options to features and warranties. CFMOTO is here to help! As a nationwide ATV company and side by side manufacturer, our dealers have helped countless people just like you pick the perfect ATV for their needs, and we think shopping for your new vehicle should be just as fun as taking it for a spin.


Here are a few things to consider before you make a down payment on a new ATV.

Finding Great Features

Different ATVs are suitable for different riders, so when you’re buying your first ATV, take some time to think about the features that would best serve you. For example, some riders are speed demons who crave the thrill of the ride, while others might prioritize utilitarian features. Some riders want a two-up seat so they can bring a passenger, while others prefer to hit the trails solo.


While it might be difficult to assess your riding style if you’re new to the sport, all riders can make use of the following:


●        High-intensity headlights, for added visibility and seeing your way home if the weather catches you off guard.


●        Towing capabilities, for increased versatility and to help you handle the unexpected on the trail.


●        A digital dashboard, for quick assessment of how your ATV is faring.


●        Automotive-grade paint that’s vibrant and long lasting.


●        Heavy-duty front and rear bumpers to protect your vehicle.



While there’s a CFMOTO ATV for everyone, we’re happy to say that many features you might find you’d need to pay extra for with other brands come standard on CFMOTO ATVs. We believe that fun shouldn’t cost a fortune. If you’re looking for a brand that works hard to exceed industry standards, check out our CFORCE series!

Understanding ATV Warranties

Like any other vehicle, an ATV will eventually need repairs. What kind of repairs or replacements are contained in an individual model’s warranty is going to vary depending on its manufacturer. At CFMOTO, we offer a limited one-year warranty with all of our vehicles, as well as additional protection you can purchase. (Access your vehicle’s warranty information in your Owner’s Manual.)


Always ask your dealer about the warranty of any specific model you’re interested in and discuss it in the context of other policies offered by the company if applicable.


A few points to cover:


●        Broadly speaking, what’s covered by this warranty? While it’s not necessary to commit every last part to memory, getting a broad understanding of the extent of repairs covered and the conditions under which the warranty comes into play is always a good idea. You don’t want anything unexpected!


●        Can I buy extended coverage? What’s contained within it? Some companies like us offer more expansive warranties that grant you and your vehicle greater protection. Make sure to investigate these options and chat with your dealer to see if it’d be right for you.


●        What conditions will void my warranty? You want to make the most use of your warranty, especially if you’ve bought an extended one, so make sure to stay away from situations that render it null.


Warranty can be a sticky subject for quite a few buyers, but it doesn’t need to be. Informing yourself by asking the right questions can make this part of the ATV-buying process smooth sailing.

Figuring Out Financing

Another sticky subject: financing.


Money can be tough to talk about, but in-depth conversation is a reality of making any large purchase. It’s your responsibility to make sure you can keep up with your bills, and understanding exactly what those bills will be helps to make this happen.


To make this a little easier, some ATV manufacturers like us have created handy finance calculators which help potential buyers scope out their options and walk into consultations with confidence.However, these finance calculators, as reliable as they are, only show part of the picture. Until you sit down with your loan provider and fully understand your loan’s terms and conditions, including what happens if you fall behind on payments, you don’t get the full scope of how an ATV purchase will impact your financial life.


While that purchase is most certainly worthwhile, it’s not small nor one to take lightly, so talk to your loan provider and make sure to fully understand what you’re walking into before buying any ATV.

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You’ve always dreamed of owning the perfect machine. One that lets you explore where you want to go and ride like you want to ride. One that can handle the tough terrain, yet look like a million bucks when it’s sitting in the garage. And one that has not just a bell or whistle but all the bells and whistles standard – and at a price that’s more affordable than those big-name brands.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, your dream is here and ready for you to drive off. Choose exactly the machine you want from our 2021 lineup. Get it at a price that won’t break the bank, then get out there and go. Because when you ride a CFMOTO, you ride without compromise!


With our variety of affordable and feature-heavy options combined with great warranty policies, CFMOTO makes the buying process fun, and the reward at the end of it phenomenal. Use our Dealer Locator today and get ready to make a life-changing purchase!