Kicking up the powder is a favorite pastime of many CFMOTO owners. There’s nothing quite like a snowy ATV ride, with the frost on the trees and the roar of your engine to keep you company. It all has a way of clearing a rider’s head. Plus, nature everywhere looks beautiful this time of year – if you can tear yourself away from the adrenaline-pumping power of your CFMOTO ATV long enough to see it!


If you’re new to colder-weather ATV riding though, it’s not something you want to rush into lightly – especially for all of you warm-climate riders! Just like riding in the hot, gritty climate of the South and Southwest takes knowledge and preparation, so too does riding in the chiller realms of the Midwest, Northwest, and the like.


And if it’s your first year owning a CFMOTO vehicle and you’re just learning how to work with it, this cautious line of thinking applies to you too. While you may know the terrain, you might be unfamiliar handling it on an ATV. (Get some tips for beginners here!)


If you’re vacationing northward to experience a snowy ride for yourself or otherwise dipping your toes into snowy riding for the first time, rest assured that it’s totally worth it and that your CFMOTO can carry you through anything. As an ATV company that sells vehicles all across the U.S., CFMOTOs are well equipped for any terrain or weather you throw at them.

However, responsible usage is the key to unlocking your machine’s full potential – in this case, to having the best snow-filled ATV ride of your life. Are you ready to hit the powdery trails with us?

How to Protect Yourself From Winter Moisture While Riding

Even if the temperatures are, by northern standards, decent, driving in the snow can get, well, cold. This is because, heated by your body or your hardworking CFMOTO’s engine, anything frozen will melt, leading to – you guessed it – a whole lot of water.


Water plus cold temperatures = not an awesome ATV ride. Frostbite and hypothermia are real threats up north, as any well-versed cold-weather rider will tell you. Plus, riding when you’re cold and wet can be a miserable waste of your vacation or precious weekend time. Keeping yourself warm and dry is key!


The best way to stay dry? Gear up! Moisture-wicking fabrics are practically an essential around these parts, as well as solid boots, gloves, and a full-face helmet. Your extremities often are the first to get seriously cold, so if you’re going to put your gear money anywhere, invest it in items to protect them from the moisture that inevitably will crop up.


If you’re a vacationer who struggles to justify buying gear solely for a singular ATV trip, remember that such waterproof items will also help when you return to your home turf. Rain happens everywhere, after all, so you’d be smart to become just as impervious to the weather as your CFMOTO ATV.

Navigating Slippery Terrain: The Basics

Riding your ATV in the snow is an experience no other. But with that snow always comes ice – an added challenge that requires special care if you want to have a safe and fulfilling ride.


We take special care to make sure our machines are maneuverable and strong, but icy roads give you no grounds to be reckless or ignorant. Remember the following before heading out onto icy terrain for the first time:

●      Avoid Crossing Open Water

Yes, we know it’s so tempting to gun it into an open space like that, but please refrain if you can. Crossing a frozen lake means you’ll know for sure that beneath any snow cover is ice, a material that certainly isn’t conducive to safe riding.


Plus, you open yourself up to potential traffic from all sides – traffic that might require quick maneuvering. Of course, crossing lakes can be done safely, but if you’re unfamiliar in general with riding on ice, we recommend saving such an experience for a later date.

●      Assume That There Are Hazards Under the Snow

You can’t know for sure what’s hiding under the snow, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially if you’re illegally cutting a path through private property, you have no idea what could be lurking beneath – tree stumps, ice patches, shrubs, you name it.


Slow down, stay mindful, and play it safe – just as you would when riding in the mud.

●      Slow Down

If you’re from a more southerly state, you might not be accustomed to dealing with snowmobiles or even cross-country skiers, who can come out of the blue. When you add icy terrain into the mix, stuff can get hairy quickly if you’re not careful.


Try to yield to your fellow outdoor enthusiasts and, again, drive slowly in case you need to get out of the way on an icy path.

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