From slick footing to frozen water troughs, winter can get challenging for all sorts of livestock farmers. Animal farmers must venture out into the cold day in and day out to care for their beloved stock, and other farmers must nurture cover crops in some regions, despite the weather, to ensure the health of their fields.


If you’re in either of these camps, we at CFMOTO salute you for your hard work and dedication. Being a farmer is one of the hardest and most underappreciated jobs out there, and you deserve to be recognized for the grit and reliability required for it.


What you also deserve, especially during the cold season, is a spare hand in your chores. You deserve the capability to work both harder and smarter with that help; to make putting food on your family’s table easier and to expand or maintain your business during this harsh season.


In other words: You deserve a CFMOTO side by side – a UFORCE, to be precise.


With their powerful engines and supreme maneuverability, even the most affordable CFMOTO is a workhorse to be reckoned with. The UFORCE 800, for example, comes standard with 1250-pound towing capacity and a 3500-pound winch with a remote control to boot.


Equipping all of our vehicles – not just the premium ones – with the strength you need to work hard is something that we as an ATV company and side by side manufacturer take great pride in. A job done well should be a satisfaction available to everyone, and with our range of price points and our host of feature-laden vehicles, we enable farming operations everywhere to feel good about how much they accomplished in a day’s work.


But you work in agriculture – you’re practical. You can listen to us talk about the features of our machines all day, but you probably want to know how those features can be put into action, and how they can help you around the farm. Let’s dive into the many practical uses of our UFORCE series when it comes to handling the hazards of the harsh winter season, which is arguably when you’d need one most of all.

Winter Nuisance Number 1: Emergency Fencing

There’s a reason many farmers won’t put in permanent fencing in winter, especially when it comes to posts. In many regions, the ground is frozen solid – how on earth are you to put a post in, let alone get any old ones out?!


However, livestock are unpredictable, and if a fence goes down near a busy road, you’ll have no choice but to fix your fence or reconstruct your pasture to compensate. Frozen ground and subzero temperatures make this a much-loathed chore for farmers everywhere, but especially those in the Midwest. Pulling broken posts out that your livestock could injure themselves on is a major drag, as ice hardens the ground, leaving you with yet another thing you have to work against – like the wasted time and the pitying looks from your cattle or horses from beyond the next fenceline weren’t enough!


We at CFMOTO hear you, and our UFORCE line of side by sides is here to help. With powerful winches, massive engines, and awesome traction, pulling out damaged posts – or anything, really – becomes a cinch (no pun intended for you horse owners). Fix your fencing quicker and get yourself indoors before you catch a chill, then get back to handling your other work like nothing even happened. For all you cold-weather fence-fixing farmers, a CFMOTO UFORCE is an essential extra hand.

Winter Nuisance Number 2: Navigating Nasty Terrain

As a farmer, you know all too well the importance of maintaining your health. One slip on the ice can mean a broken arm, which means you’re out of work for months.


When your livestock need tending or your fields need maintaining, there’s simply no room for ailments. Navigating the slippery slopes of your land on foot can lead to broken bones at worst or exhaustion at best. The cold is hard on anybody, and the mud some regions get in the later winter months can be an obstacle all on its own.


This is where your UFORCE comes in. With the help of its top-quality power and control, you can save your strength for where it matters and keep your body working longer and harder, ensuring the health of your stock and the prosperity of your farm. Take care of yourself with a UFORCE and you’ll keep your operation growing strong for years to come.

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