From its LED headlights to its high-capacity cargo dump box, the CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 has more features than you can shake a stick at—even by CFMOTO standards! What are typically considered luxury features come standard on our vehicles, so that’s certainly saying something.


With the UFORCE 1000’s supreme handling capabilities and its unparalleled strength, this machine is ready for almost any utility-related task. Take it with you on your hunting gigs and use it to haul your gear, or appreciate its versatility around the farm, where it can be used for anything from rounding up livestock to getting other vehicles unstuck from the mud. Afterwards, embrace your vehicle’s speed and maneuverability out on the trails. Your UFORCE 1000 is a force to be reckoned with, regardless of how you use it!


Every machine in our UFORCE lineup is built to last and made for the toughest terrain imaginable, but no ATV company or side by side manufacturer can say their machines will last without maintenance. Your UFORCE 1000 does so much for you, either on the farm or in the great outdoors, so give it the care it needs so that it can continue to give you its all.


Without scheduled maintenance…


●        Your machine will suffer. Given that it is primarily a utility vehicle, your UFORCE 1000 no doubt encounters its fair share of mud, manure, detritus, snow–the list goes on and on. While its exterior is strong, regular maintenance ensures that these corrosive materials don’t cause damage.


●        You might damage the powerful engine. When we say the UFORCE 1000 is strong, we mean 1000CC, 79-horsepower-engine strong. We don’t use that word lightly when it comes to CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO Side by Sides, as we take pride in the capacity of what’s under the hood of even the most affordable of our options.


As strong as your UFORCE 1000 is though, just like any engine (even the one in your car) it requires regular maintenance to keep performing at its best. Engines are partially composed of moving parts, and if those moving parts aren’t properly cared for, you’re going to run into friction-related issues, which can decrease your machine’s working capacity.


●        You won’t be able to depend on your machine. We at CFMOTO pride ourselves on creating reliable vehicles that have your back in almost any condition—the UFORCE 1000 is the epitome of this. However, if you don’t properly care for your vehicle, you can’t expect its engine to continue functioning the same way on the daily. Get ready for some extra stress to be added to your hunt or workday!


Maintaining a gorgeous exterior, a powerhouse of an engine, and legendary reliability—these are all great reasons to prioritize scheduled maintenance of your UFORCE 1000. We at CFMOTO are here to help you learn how to take care of your machine to keep it functioning as the pinnacle of performance that you deserve.

Basic Care for Your UFORCE 1000

You have resources when it comes to this task. Your CFMOTO dealer is always on call to answer your questions, and if you’ve lost your copy of the owner’s manual which contains detailed maintenance recommendations, you can find an electronic copy right here on our website.


Looking for some more condensed information? We’ve got you covered there, too.


●        Lubrication is an integral part of proper vehicle care for your UFORCE 1000.  Remember those friction-related issues we spoke of earlier? They’ll be nonexistent if you lubricate the right parts of your CFMOTO. We recommend lubrication at every five-hundredth mile, but please increase your frequency if conditions are severe (IE, unusually moist or dusty).


●        Wash your CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 regularly. Though a little mud never hurt anyone, especially your CFMOTO side by side, if left on for too long such a substance can become detrimental to your vehicle’s sleek and strong exterior, not to mention integral parts like your axle boots. Wash your vehicle with a garden hose and mild soap to avoid damage to the rubber components, and stay away from pressure washers. After washing, make sure to let the engine run for a little bit, as the heat will help evaporate any water that has found its way into where it shouldn’t be.


●        Keep an eye on your vehicle’s air filter. An often-neglected component of vehicles everywhere, an air filter’s job is to prevent external debris from entering your engine, thus preventing them from contributing to its long-term detriment. We recommend checking this item pre-ride and also after every five-hundredth mile. Replace it if it’s beginning to get dirty.

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