Thinking of taking your CFMOTO ATV or side by side for a jaunt in the American Southwest? This area boasts some of the best riding terrain in the nation, along with a thriving community of outdoorsmen who would be more than happy to take to the trails with you.

Jawbone Canyon Off-Highway Vehicle Area

With a name as metal as that, it’s no surprise that Jawbone Canyon OHV Area in California is home to some tricky trails! Sandy soil and rocky roads make some areas of the park a refreshing challenge for advanced riders, but it also tones it down a bit for beginners in places. If you’re looking for a southwestern riding area with awesome views and a suitability for a variety of skill levels, consider Jawbone Canyon OHV Area.

Imperial Sand Dunes

Another California riding location, the Imperial Sand Dunes are just as they sound: really sandy. But that’s not supposed to be a deterrent – if you love the sensation of your vehicle tearing up the ground but can’t stand the thought of damaging native flora, this destination is a dream come true. If you haven’t ridden in a dunes system before, we highly recommend it! Miles and miles of sand around is scenery that makes for a once-in-a-lifetime view.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

We know, we know, Texas is considered the American South by some people—but Hidden Falls Adventure Park is such a gem that we couldn’t help ourselves!  From rocky rivers to breathtaking views, you’ll get a true taste of Texas scenery when you take to the trails here.


Just like Jawbone Canyon OHV mentioned above, the park boasts teals suitable for a variety of skill levels. It also has a great many areas available for camping, and with Texas’ comparatively mild falls and winters, you’ll sure want to take advantage of this. The park observes many rules that cater to the safety of its members, so check the official website ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need for a great Texas ride.


You’ll find quite a few hidden gems in the Southwest. The trails are both beautiful and thrilling, with a grand variety of difficulty levels, lengths, and scenery. Of course, the American Southwest is a wide region, and there could be a state hiding your personal perfect trail away, just waiting for you to discover it. Consider reaching out on social media, via the CFMOTO Power Syndicate or otherwise, and ask riders you admire about their favorite region-specific riding locations. The best way to get to know a region is by chatting with the people who live there, after all!

What to Know Before Riding ATVs in the Southwest

We also want to set you up for the best riding vacation possible, and that means talking a bit about region-specific considerations. While the American Southwest is a blast to ride in, its unique geography and wildlife inhabitants mean that you might need to change your riding style a bit to fit.


●        Never ridden in sand dunes? Take it easy at first. We know, it’s so tempting to floor it when you see that roller-coaster of a landscape, but dune riding is quite a bit different than trail riding and requires due care. Though you’ll need to wear the same gear you would when trail riding, additional items – like a safety flag for your CFMOTO ATV – are recommended. Take the time to get to know the loose terrain under your wheels, too, before heading out for real.


●        Keep an eye out for dangerous snakes. While these don’t pose much of a threat on your vehicle, when you’re taking breaks, it can be a different story. The American Southwest is the home of everything from rattlesnakes to Coral snakes, so those from out-of-region must learn the snake-related risks of their vacation location ahead of time.


●        Sand can be hard on vehicles. Whether you own a CFMOTO ATV or UTV, or something else entirely, sand can be quite abrasive to your machine. Please show your vehicle the corresponding care it deserves.

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