Fall is officially upon us! With temperate days and brisk nights, now’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy some (socially distanced) riding with your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO Side by Side. Now that protective gear doesn’t feel so bulky under the summer sun, you’ll be able to ride for longer and reach places you never could before when hot weather posed safety hazards. Plus, with some trails getting muddy, you’ll get to experience the unique thrill that comes from tearing through the muck. So get out there with some buddies and ride to your heart’s content!


As wonderful as the fall season is, though, it’s important to think about what comes after it. Yes, we know, we don’t want to think about winter either; it can seem far too fun and tempting to get caught up in the awesome riding weather you’re experiencing now! But winter weather can pose hazards to your ATV’s physical integrity, regardless of what brand it is and regardless of if you ride in the cold or not. If you want to ensure that your CFMOTO Utility Sport Side X Side, your CFMOTO CFORCE ATV, or other recreational vehicle provides you with the adrenaline rushes you love it for in future seasons, you’ll need to take steps to protect it now.


We don’t mean to scare you, but the following seasonal hazards, if they aren’t prepared for, can seriously give you and your vehicle a case of the winter woes:


●        Water | Yes, water! Snow and ice, when they melt, turn into this, and though it might not seem like it, it’s a particularly nasty nemesis of ATV and side by side owners everywhere. The presence of excessive water promotes the rusting of your vehicle’s exterior and the weakening of its metal innards. Seeing as many parts of the United States experience periodic snow throughout the colder months, if you ride at all or your machine isn’t stored for the season in a watertight building, it is at risk of damage.

●        Low temperatures | You might be able to bundle up when it gets cold, but your ATV or side by side’s battery sure can’t! If you live in a region that experiences particularly low temperatures throughout the season (think the Midwest or Northeast), the cold can slowly drain your battery life, just like it does to your smartphone. While this might not be a huge safety hazard if you take winters off from riding, it can leave you stranded on the trails otherwise—a decidedly dangerous situation, no doubt.

●        Difficult riding conditions | While you may or may not have the experience to tackle slippery lakes or snowed-in trails, your ATV or side by side might struggle if it isn’t prepared. Struggling, in this case, can mean anything from getting stuck to making you completely wipe out, and neither of those makes for a safe or fun winter ride.


As you can see, as the weather turns colder, it brings with it seasonal challenges that you’ll need to take care of to avoid and or mitigate. But preparing your vehicle to face these challenges need not be complicated or expensive, especially if you own a CFMOTO vehicle! Our machines are built to last; you’ll only need minimal prep work to face the winter, which can include but is not limited to:


●        Ensuring your ATV is covered when not in use | You wouldn’t let your car sit outside all winter—and if you did, you wouldn’t expect it to run like new! ATVs and side by sides benefit from a storage location which is free of snow, ice, sleet, and excessive humidity. Even if you have a dry and well-ventilated location in which to store your vehicle, you might still consider investing in a cover, just in case the roof springs a leak or you, for some reason, are unable to use the storage location for a period of time.

●        Investing in a trickle charger | These handy devices can help compensate should you experience a fussy battery in the colder months. Ask your nearest CFMOTO dealer if one might be right for you! A word of caution: certain trickle chargers can and will become destructive to batteries if they are left on for too long, so if you’re using one of these models, keep a close eye on it while it’s doing its thing.

●        Considering tire chains if you own an ATV or new tires | If you’re an ATV rider who craves the challenge of extreme winter trails, you might need some tire chains to make your adventures successful. Similar to what semi-truck drivers use to keep themselves, their rigs, and other drivers safe, these chains create extra maneuverability on otherwise tricky terrain, helping to stop you from getting stuck. If tire chains aren’t for you, you might consider putting new tires on your vehicle if it’s overdue, as bald tires and winter slickness certainly don’t mix.

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