It’s now evident that the Coronavirus is here to stay, at least for the time being. Schools switched to hybrid or online models in some districts, and as states like Minnesota mandate masking up in public, daily life has changed for many of us. Whether you’re continuing to work from home or are braving it in public as an essential worker, we all have the responsibility—nay, the civic duty—to do what we can to keep ourselves and others safe during these turbulent times. Though these changes are certainly stressful, we must stand our ground and help others out when we can. Our families and communities will come out all the better for it. Trust us. We at CFMOTO, as a renowned ATV company and side by side manufacturer, know a thing or two about community. Just check out the CFMOTO Power Syndicate!


All of the above, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to take care of yourself. Like we said, change is stressful and, sometimes, traumatic. If you need to shut down your newsfeed and get away for a bit on your CFMOTO, we don’t blame you. In fact, we advise it. If your mood is deteriorating and you find yourself emotionally exhausted, snappy, or hopeless, sometimes all you need is to hit the trails for a bit to get to feeling like yourself again. It worked before the pandemic, so who’s to say it won’t work during it, too?


If you’ve followed our blog for any length of time, though, you’ll know we’re all about safety. The above advice, of course, then, doesn’t come without a caveat: you must be safe from a Coronavirus standpoint when you are riding, especially if you’re heading out with your buddies. Though it might be tempting to pretend you’re far away from the world’s problems when you’re feeling the power of your CFMOTO, this is one problem that simply cannot be ignored, as to do so can result in serious illness or death—yours, a stranger’s, or someone you love’s. You wouldn’t behave recklessly on your ATV or side-by-side before a dangerous disease swept the globe, so don’t do so during one.


Luckily for you, though, staying safe on your CFMOTO is simple and straightforward. You’ll hardly notice you’re doing it, so you’ll be free to enjoy a much-needed ride. Read on to discover what you can do during your rides to perform your civic duty and keep your family, your fellow riders, and the world at large safe from sickness.

Safety Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

You’re probably already doing a lot of it! You already maintain a respectable following distance when riding with buddies for safety purposes—in case somebody needs to swerve or stop suddenly, of course. Social distancing while cruising down the trails is made relatively simple. And nobody, of course, is holding hands or fist-bumping while riding along anyway, as that too is a safety hazard. So it’s time to rethink Coronavirus safety; it needn’t be a hassle or ruin your outing. You most likely have learned to ride in such a way that, to some degree, fosters it.


However, there are some special considerations you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re to have a safe ride with your friends, given our global pathogenic crisis.


●        Now isn’t the time to push your limits | Yes, it can be very tempting to explore the unknown and test your riding skills, but given the current times, you should stick to familiar routes well within your known abilities. You don’t want to risk getting stuck and requiring a team of people to pull you out—bye-bye social-distancing! You also don’t want to land yourself in the hospital right now, as the healthcare system needs all the space it can get to combat the Coronavirus. Minimize the risk of accidents on the trail, and you minimize the risk of transmitting a deadly disease. It’s that simple.

●        Try to minimize the number of people in your group | Not because you want to be exclusionary or anything, of course! If you own a CFMOTO, you’re all about your riding community and love to welcome newbies near and far. However, given the current circumstances, try to keep riding groups as small as you can. Even when all recommended practices are followed through, the fact of the matter is that larger groups increase the chances of transmission. Play it small and play it safe! If anything else, this practice will also let you get to know your riding buddies on a more one-on-one basis.

●        Try not to carpool to riding locations with people you don’t live with | While we at CFMOTO are all for the environmentally-conscious practice of carpooling, entering into close proximity with other people who you don’t live with is a no-go right now. Respect social distance requirements at all times—even before and after your rides!

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