Welcome to the world of CFMOTO ATVs and side x sides! As an ATV company and side x side manufacturer, we extend the warmest of greetings to you, new rider.

Our machines are made to be tough and easily handled, making them ideal for novice and expert riders alike. With their sheer power and maneuverability, you'll be free to experience all the adrenaline rushes and great times safely and confidently.

Read this guide to get valuable tips on getting the most out of your new CFMOTO vehicle.

Safely Enjoying Your First ATV or Side by Side

Beginning to ride an ATV or side by side involves a bit of a learning curve. Many new riders initially feel a fair bit of intimidation, but building confidence simply takes time and practice.

Aside from getting the proper license, operating these machines is a learned skill – one that is sometimes honed by making mistakes and learning from them. We're not advocating for you to drive recklessly or saying that riding is inherently dangerous. But part of the fun of riding is handling the unexpected.

With the right knowledge base, beginners will be ready to handle anything the trails throw their way. So how does a novice ATV rider obtain that knowledge base? CFMOTO is here to help!

By providing affordable, high-performance machines and creating an online community where CFMOTO riders can connect, we've helped countless novices learn how to enjoy their outdoor vehicles to the fullest.

Take it from the experts: The best way to gain a solid understanding of your ATV or side by side is to research before you ride.

Tip 1: Research Before You Ride

It seems obvious, doesn't it? In school, we're taught to take to the internet and crack open a book to learn more about everything from skills we want to acquire to historical events. Maybe this thought hasn't occurred to you regarding the pursuit of outdoor motorsports. If you fear that researching will be tedious or time-consuming, don't!

You don't need to sit down for hours and memorize things or write essays on them. Should you have a question or concern about your vehicle, plenty of resources are available to you, because there are likely many other people who have had to solve the exact same problem.

As a new rider, here are some of the best places and people to seek information.

Social Media

While you'll need to assess the reputation and character of any group you join or veteran rider you follow, social media is a great way to plunge headfirst into riding culture.

Check out CFMOTO's Power Syndicate to start! We seek experienced riders to become ambassadors, and these influential people can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that new riders will find helpful.

In addition to this, many platforms have accounts or groups on them centered around riding. They're great places to discover this season's hot riding spots and learn how other riders tackled the unexpected on the trails.

Online Resources

Many online magazines and blogs exist that cover important riding topics, from ATV maintenance to proper safety procedures to hard-earned riding lessons. The tradeoff for this free information is that you'll need to dig around the web a bit for it.

Regardless, without these sources, new riders would be left without a crucial group of sources that provide fast and accessible answers to thousands of riding questions.

When you have a simple riding question, the internet generally will be your first stop in your quest for answers. Just be sure the source you're looking at is reputable!


Many riders might find purchasing a magazine subscription useful. These paid publications provide high-quality information all in one place.

Most magazines these days have gone digital, making accessing them all the easier and providing additional avenues for your learning, such as videos.

Your Dealership

Your local CFMOTO dealer can be a valuable ally if all of your other sources turn out poorly or your question is unique.

As a vendor of CFMOTO products, your dealer should have various informational links on their website, a newsletter you can subscribe to, or at the very least, a phone number to call!

Tip 2: Take a Safety Course

Each state has slightly different requirements when it comes to licensing and where you can ride side by sides and ATVs. But, even if it's not required in your area, it's a brilliant idea to take a safety course to learn about looking out for yourself and others.

You'll find many courses online, and your state may even offer an option for you to check out. A class like this is an excellent idea if you have no experience with these kinds of vehicles. If you're entirely new to riding an ATV of any kind, this can help you feel more confident.

You'll learn more about the laws and know about specific risks to watch out for. So, consider signing up if you want to feel extra secure.

Tip 3: Practice Some Safety Tips

Before you go on a ride, consider implementing a few safety tips. These are good to get into the habit of, especially if you're going to places in the wilderness.

  • Let others know your plan: If You're riding alone, always let someone else know your planned route and where you'll be. Tell them when you plan to be home.
  • Bring some supplies with you: It's a wise idea to bring a few emergency supplies in a bag with you. Some items to include are water, a snack, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and a lighter.
  • Avoid riding alone at night: If you plan to go off-road, it's wise not to go anywhere at night unless you have other people coming along.

Still Deciding Which ATV Or Side By Side You Want? Check Out CFMOTO Now

If you're still trying to pick out your first ATV or side by side, CFMOTO has a wide selection available. No matter your budget and riding style, we've got a vehicle for you. Contact your nearest dealer today and see what the riding life is all about with a great machine on your side.