Your days are undoubtedly long and challenging if you work in the agriculture industry. Even though you wouldn’t change your lifestyle for the world, you face several grueling challenges on a day-to-day basis: fixing fencing, stacking hay, setting posts, tending fields, nursing sick livestock, birthing animals, and other everyday chores.

Farmers and agricultural workers set themselves apart by their willingness to buckle down and get to work, even if they’re not entirely confident with the task at hand. As an ATV company and side x side manufacturer, CFMOTO USA would like to humbly recommend our UFORCE line for your consideration.

With a tough-as-nails construction made with the working professional in mind, these side x side are versatile and dependable partners for almost any farmyard chore you can imagine. Our machines are a wise investment for your agricultural operation.

Let’s talk about some concrete and practical uses for them.

As a Farmer, You Need Reliable Support

Farm life takes a certain amount of grit, but it also requires support. Your loved ones and family can play a huge role, both on the farm and off, in getting what needs to be done.

However, those close to you are human, and they have their own lives and commitments – outside jobs and taking care of themselves, for example. As valuable as their continued support is, they cannot always be there for you at exactly the moment you need them.

Many farmers in today’s fast-paced era are turning to machines to help share the labor of country living: hay elevators for tossing bales to the great heights at which they will be stacked and stored, automated waterers to ensure the livestock always is taken care of.

These tools do not take away from the skill and toughness required to be a farmer. They enable the innovative and smart agricultural worker to reach new heights with their business, allowing them to get twice the work done in half the time.

New chores and trials will always crop up – such is farm life. New machinery gives you the mobility and power to tackle them.

CFMOTO Side x Sides: Your New Working Partner

All farmers can attest to the value of a good horse or dog. They’re steadfast, versatile, and always stick with you until the work is done. CFMOTO side x sides function in much the same way.

Through our years of side x side manufacturing, we’ve put together a sturdy, affordable, and overall adaptable machine that provides exactly what the farmer needs in a working partner – and then some.

Here are seven reasons a side x side is perfect for helping with farm work.

Extra Room to Store Your Tools

Even the UFORCE 500 comes standard with a 600-pound carrying capacity in its cargo box. It’s the perfect machine for hauling your fencing supplies out to the pasture to fix your downed wire or carrying your medical kit out to help an injured calf.

No more making multiple trips and wasting valuable time when the health and safety of your animals are on the line, and no more fretting about wasting daylight.

Having room for tools or whatever else you need to bring with you can save time and make your long to-do list go faster.

Project Beam Headlights Light Up the Dark

All farmers have been there: The sun goes down, and part of your herd or flock is missing. Find your lost livestock quickly with your CFMOTO’s bright headlights, then shepherd them back to safety. Your animals – and your pocketbook – will thank you.

While you probably already have a flashlight on you, it’s helpful to have an additional light source, especially one that can shine many feet ahead.

Less Strain On Your Body

Easy to drive and incredibly maneuverable, your CFMOTO side x side is one of the handiest tools you’ll ever buy. Easily move heavy loads, from bags of feed to fertilizer, where you need it, when you need it.

With a CFMOTO on your side to share in the work, you’ll save your strength for the next task and reduce your chance of injury. Farm work is hard enough on your body as it is. If you want to continuously run such a business, you’ll need to invest in the machinery that allows you to physically do so.

You Can Get in Hard-to-Access Places

As a farmer, you have to drive over rough terrain to get to crops, cattle, or other areas on your property. Accessing some of these places is rather tricky, even in a small truck.

But a side x side is smaller and built to cover various terrain. This means you’ll get in tight spaces and be able to drive over dirt, gravel, and more.

Growing Crops? Your CFMOTO Can Help

By providing supreme hauling capabilities and a sensitive handling system, your CFMOTO can get your supplies exactly where they need to be while allowing you to stay off of delicate sprouts.

Add Fun to Your Day

Being a farmer is a lot of hard work, but you deserve to have some fun and joy in between all that effort. A side x side looks both rugged and sleek, and it’s also a lot of fun to drive. You can enjoy going over rough terrain and maybe get a relatively safe thrill.

Cater the Uses to Fit Your Needs

Farmers across the country are constantly using their smarts to develop new uses for their tools. When you have such a powerful and multipurpose side x side in your barn, the applications for it are endless.

What will you accomplish with your CFMOTO?

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