If a product is so well-made, why would you need to buy a protection plan for it?


Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question when making large purchases in the past—cell phones, gaming consoles, cars, you name it. You’re probably asking it now if you’ve recently acquired a CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side. If the company stands behind the workmanship of its product, why do you need to pay extra in case that workmanship doesn’t hold up?


We here at CFMOTO are here to say that our protection plans aren’t about covering for a shoddy product, and they aren’t about scamming you out of money. They’re about acknowledging the inherent unpredictability of the riding lifestyle and providing a service to our clients that helps them navigate it. As you tear through the mud and zip through the wilderness, countless hazards can come your way, none of which you can predict: poor footing, a sudden wild animal appearance, an unruly equestrian whom you happen to meet on the trail. The possibilities are endless. No matter how well your vehicle is made, no machine is invulnerable to a freak accident.


Protection plans help account for the unforeseeable things that great workmanship can’t. With the financial coverage they provide, you gain invaluable peace of mind, knowing that money will never be an issue should you encounter something you could never have planned for. As a rider, with coverage plans and proper safety equipment in your possession, you’re free to push your limits and tackle new challenges knowing that both you and your machine are taken care of.


Just as no vehicle is immune to freak accidents, no vehicle is immune to the passage of time. As an ATV company and a side by side manufacturer, we want you to enjoy your CFMOTO vehicle for as long as you can. With periodic maintenance and smart driving, your machine will prove itself a more-than-reliable partner, but the time will inevitably come when you need to purchase replacement parts. This is especially true for pre-owned vehicles, which are bound to have experienced some degree of wear-and-tear before landing in your hands. In the right circumstances, a protection plan can ensure that any replacement or repair you need to have done happens in both an affordable and prompt manner. If your vehicle has had a previous owner, you’ll feel comfortable and secure throughout your time owning it, as you’ll have a protection program in place should something age-related go awry. Talk about a worthwhile investment!


Of course, all protection plans are individuals, and not all of them can provide the aforementioned benefits, so let us tell you a little about ours. CFMOTO is currently selling an extended warranty for our vehicles, and as far as protection plans go, it’s really quite extensive.

The Four Pillars of the CFMOTO Care Extended Protection Plan

●        A wide range of parts is covered | Protection plans should always pull their own weight. In other words, if you choose to invest in them, they should be versatile in the things that they cover, lest you don’t get your money’s worth. At CFMOTO, our extended protection plan was made with this thought in mind. All major parts, systems, and OEM accessories fall under this plan when it’s purchased alongside a new CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side. When you ride, you deserve the exhilaration that comes with peace of mind, and the range of parts covered under the CFMOTO Care Extended Protection Plan is just another way that we work to bring that feeling to you.

●        There’s no mileage limit to your warranty | CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO side by sides are built to be ridden. After all, why else would you buy them? You shouldn’t have to hold yourself back from using your vehicle just because you’re worried about its mileage disqualifying it from protection coverage. Luckily, our extended protection plan has no mileage limit. You’re free to use your CFMOTO vehicle for as many miles as you want, and under no circumstances will this factor affect its coverage eligibility. So get out there and enjoy those trails. You deserve it!

●        Breakdown? We’ve got you covered | Again, the riding lifestyle can have its unpredictable moments. That’s what makes it so fun! However, if something less-than-fun happens and your vehicle breaks down, CFMOTO is here to help. These breakdowns are so unlikely that our company covers all basic towing fees to your nearest CFMOTO dealer for covered breakdowns under our extended protection coverage plan, so you can get the repairs you need to get back on the trails in no time. We’ll also cover basic vehicle rental costs. When you purchase the CFMOTO Care Extended Protection Plan, an ailing machine will never put a damper on your riding season. It’s just another way we bring you a great time and peace of mind.

●        Want to sell? Your protection plan goes with your vehicle | In the unlikely event you need to sell your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side, your protection plan travels with it. This is a great way to build resale value in your vehicle, but it can only happen once in the lifetime of the plan, so make good use of it.

Questions? CFMOTO Has Answers

Contact us today with any questions about our coverage plans, or seek out your nearest dealer now. The outdoors are waiting!