With hot summer days and gentle June nights becoming the norm, no wonder you want to get out and ride your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side! Plus, with the state of the world as it is, you’re probably craving an escape from it all. Our vehicles are perfect for that. Whether it’s a quiet time to yourself or high-octane rides with buddies you seek, CFMOTO has the resources—both social and vehicular—to make your outdoor exploration all that you want it to be.


However, it’s also important to pay due respect to the areas which you hope to explore. Yes, we’re talking about the environment! If you’re not careful, the pristinely preserved nature so many trails bisect can take some serious damage from your vehicle. Just as fishermen must take care of the lakes and hunters must respect the forest, you, too, as an outdoor enthusiast, must treat the environment you use for recreation with care.


There’s no need to fret or stop riding altogether, though! You just need to be conscientious about how you ride, as well as learn a little before heading out on the trails. CFMOTO, as an ATV company and side by side manufacturer, is here to help. Below you’ll find a handy guide to eco-conscious outdoor exploration—what aspects of it are most under threat from careless ATV or side by side use, and how you can do your part to be a respectful rider.

Protect the Flora

As you’re probably well aware, all sorts of plants can line the trails on which you ride. Your tires can pose a massive threat to these florae, and excessive exposure to exhaust can prove harmful to some species.


Plants play an important role in a variety of food chains. They provide a source of sustenance for native wildlife, as well as for bees, a creature that is partially responsible for the growth of our country’s food supply. Moreover, endangered species of plants can be an important part of our natural heritage, as well as provide a scenic view for outdoor enthusiasts of all calibers. For all of these reasons, we all must work together to protect the flora that makes our outdoor experiences what they are today. Luckily, doing so is fairly straightforward, even if you ride an ATV or side by side.


●        Stay off trails in which machine use is prohibited | It’s quite simple: if you see a sign in a public park that indicates your machine is not allowed on a given trail, don’t test it. Park authorities have put it there for a reason. Though this reason might not be precisely to protect the plant life there, it’s well within the realm of possibilities, so it’s best to respect the limits imposed by knowledgeable staff.

●        Stay on the trails in which machine use is allowed | In other words, when it comes to natural parks, don’t go off-roading in places where there clearly are no trails! In addition to crushing the potentially endangered plant life there, you’ll destroy the view for future riders. If you’re looking to test your riding skills on tough terrain, seek out marked trails that give you the challenge you’re looking for.

●        Read up on endangered species of plants (and invasive ones too!) in the area before heading out to ride | Some states require special procedures to reduce the spread of invasive (harmful and nonnative) species of plant while also respecting the growth of native ones. For example, Minnesotan boaters have historically done battle with the invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil. While your ATV or side by side is not fully aquatic, it pays to keep abreast of what you, legally or otherwise, should do to take care of your natural surroundings, as this can change quite quickly.

Protect the Fauna

Though you might not directly run into many creatures on your ATV or side by side rides, they still are directly affected by your vehicle use. Noise can disturb creatures of all sorts, and should you not be conscientious about where your tires go, as you could be ridding the ecosystem of a valuable food source. Just because you may not see many animals while riding doesn’t mean they aren’t affected by what you do!


Since the types of animals that might be affected by your ATV use varies on a location-by-location basis, check with your state’s department of natural resources or your preferred park’s office for helpful information. Just like plant life, wildlife is an important part of the outdoor experience for many people, so be courteous and do your part to protect the creatures with which you share the trails.

Environmental Respect Starts with the Right Vehicle

If you’re driving a gas-guzzling older machine, you’re not doing all you can to keep the environment healthy. Check out CFMOTO vehicles today and discover true power paired with amazing efficiency.