If you’ve recently purchased your first CFMOTO ATV or side by side, we’d like to welcome you to the family! You’re now the owner of a powerful and innovative machine that will serve you reliably for years. Once you obtain your licence, register your vehicle, and purchase the proper safety equipment, you’ll be able to reach places you never could on foot and experience the great outdoors in novel and adrenaline-pumping ways.


You’re probably itching to take to the trails and experience what true mechanical power feels like, but if you’re an ATV or side by side beginner, we recommend taking a safety course and finding a riding buddy. As fun as ATVs and side by sides can be on their own, riding with a friend offers many benefits, including keeping you safe as you learn to drive your machine.


●        Lone riders are at a higher risk for safety-related accidents, as they don’t have anyone there to help them out of a jam.


●        Riding buddies provide friendly competition and encourage you to develop your riding abilities.


●        You’ll feel safer on the trails having other people there with you, so you’ll have the confidence to try new things and explore farther.


Whether it’s with one other person or many, riding with friends can inspire your sense of adventure and encourage you to become a better rider. Using the buddy system on the trails is the perfect way to keep safe, improve as a rider, and expand your social circle. However, meeting new people who share your interests can be tough, especially if you’re an adult with a career and a family. Plus, if you’re a new rider, you might feel intimidated reaching out to more experienced riders for fear of embarrassing yourself.


It’s time to put those worries to rest! Here are a few tips to help you find your place in the ATV and side by side community – regardless of your skill level.

CFMOTO Rider Community Resources

If you’re looking to connect with other riders in your area and around the country, one of the easiest ways to do so is by joining the CFMOTO USA Power Syndicate group on Facebook – a positive, tight-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts. The group is designed to help members get in touch with other CFMOTO riders across the nation. Members share their ideas, riding experiences, machine photos, and more!


Aside from that resource, here are a few tips for meeting fellow CFMOTO enthusiasts and forming bonds with them:


●        Remember that everyone was new to riding at one point. If you’re an ATV or side by side beginner, you might feel apprehensive about socializing with your peers. But every rider was a novice at some point, and most are not going to judge you for your skill level. In fact, many riders love the opportunity to teach someone their tips and tricks.


●        Social media can be a helpful tool. The riding community has a strong online presence, with many blogs, videos, forums, and social media pages dedicated to the sport. Messaging and commenting on the posts of people who are obviously enthusiastic about their CFMOTO vehicles will make you more friends than you might think.


●        Ditch the preconceptions. Just because somebody bought a more expensive CFMOTO vehicle doesn’t mean they’re a snob. Likewise, just because somebody bought a less expensive model doesn’t mean they can’t hang with the pack. Try not to jump to conclusions about others in the riding community, as this can shut down potential friendships before they begin. Remember, you all have one thing in common: your love for the ride.


Want to share the thrill of owning a CFMOTO with others in the powersports community? Check out our Rider Community resources to keep in touch and stay involved.

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