We talk a lot about safety here at CFMOTO, so much so that you might think another blog on it is redundant. How much is there to know about being safe on your CFMOTO CFORCE ATVs, CFMOTO Utility Side x Side, or CFMOTO Sport Side x Side? After you’ve obtained the proper licensure and suited up with the right equipment, what more is there to learn?


While it’s true that safety courses and the like equip you with all the knowledge you need to hit the trails or get to work safely, it never hurts to refresh your memory. Expecting yourself to memorize every last bit of information word-for-word from these courses is unreasonable, and it’s doubly unreasonable to expect yourself to have everything memorized years after you’ve achieved your license. Refreshers help to fill in the learning gaps you may have, even after your training. Moreover, there are certain safety precautions that, while possible to learn from these courses, need to be reviewed and practiced periodically in order for them to stick in your brain and come back to you while you’re riding. Refresher posts like this one help to jog your memory and enable you to recall safety precautions you’ve learned so that you can put them into practice on the trail and solidify your understanding of why they matter. Finally, there’s absolutely no such thing as being too safe on your outdoor vehicle. As an ATV company and side by side manufacturer, we know that these vehicles are powerful—CFMOTO ones especially. Safety is paramount to not only your physical health but also to you having a good time and being able to push your vehicle to its limits while doing so. To conclude, you can never have too many safety refreshers, as they serve as a helpful review of what you already know, can teach you new things, and keep you safe and happy while you ride.


Reviewing safety in the springtime is crucial even aside from the aforementioned reasons, as the warmer weather presents a whole new laundry list of hazards that old and new riders alike must learn how to watch out for. Mud, pedestrians, and wild animals alike all can throw a wrench into your riding experience. Though they don’t have to if you know how to handle them, which is exactly what we’re here to help with. Below, CFMOTO discusses a few safety problems that are unique to the spring season and how you, as a responsible rider, can smoothly negotiate them.

When Met With an Unfamiliar Hazard, Always Slow Down and Think

You can’t possibly plan for everything you may encounter on your outdoor adventure, but that’s what makes it so exciting! If you’re met with something you don’t know how to handle, it’s generally best to slow down your vehicle and think critically about how you should best approach things. However, there’s one key situation, which we’ll discuss later, that is somewhat of an exception to the slowing down part of the above rule. Remember, you have a powerful machine on your side, especially if you’re riding a CFMOTO. Use that machine wisely, but also respect limits: yours, your vehicle’s, and those of your riding crew.


While that’s a general rule of thumb for handling any unplanned safety hazard out on the trails, we did promise you spring-specific safety problems, and these you can easily plan for by studying up.


●        Mud | Remember how we talked about a caveat to the “slow down” part of our advice earlier? Encountering deep mud is this instance. We certainly aren’t saying you should blast through all sloppy patches without a second thought—that’s just going to result in your getting stuck—but we do know that momentum while crossing mud patches helps keep your vehicle from getting mired down. Slow down before you drive into the mud, never during, while considering the best path through, and don’t be afraid to use teamwork and construct a plan with your riding buddies.

●        Pedestrians on horseback | Of course, it’s common to see all sorts of pedestrians come out of the woodwork in the spring, but for many ATV and side-by-side riders, spring is the first time they encounter horseback riders. While many equines have been desensitized to the presence of noisy vehicles, some can and will startle at a sudden noise. Should you encounter such a horse and rider pair, come to a halt a fair distance away and ask the rider how to proceed. You, as a machine operator, have the predictable asset in this situation, but the rider knows their animal best. Follow all directions given to ensure the safety of everyone in this encounter.

●        Wild animals | Though many animals shy away from noisy engines, you’re bound to encounter a few brash individuals. Certain animals, like bears and moose, can prove hazardous at any time of year, though aggression levels of many creatures in the spring can vary depending on your region and the species in question. Before you ride, determine if any hazardous animal encounters have been reported at your destination of choice and adjust your plans accordingly.

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