It’s finally spring! With the warming weather and some trails finally becoming accessible in the Midwest and other parts of the country with snow, it’s tempting to simply load up your ATV or sport side by side and head off for an outdoor adventure. If you own a UTV, you might want to pull it out of storage and get right to work, or keep using it without a second thought as the days lengthen and the temperatures rise.


While CFMOTO machines are built to last, we highly recommend performing preventative spring maintenance before getting to work or heading out on the trails. Just like cars, trucks, boats, jet skis, and other vehicles, all ATVs and side by sides require a little help from you to keep running their best throughout the year. This is not due to the way the vehicle is constructed or any sort of product deficiency, but instead is the result of unchangeable laws of physics, chemistry, friction, and the simple passage of time.


In other words, there is no way you can avoid maintaining any sort of vehicle – CFMOTO ATVs and side by sides are no exception.


So what should you do before hopping in the driver’s seat for the first time this spring? It depends on how you’ve historically taken care of your vehicle, as well as your machine’s age. If you have any questions about how your ATV or side by side is performing this season, talk to your local dealer. They’ll be able to offer you case-specific advice and recommend products and services to get your machine running like new again.


Although maintenance can vary from vehicle to vehicle, it’s important to have some general knowledge on maintenance. Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of it: what you should check for, what to beware of, when to consider calling a professional, and how to actually find the time to get your maintenance done.

Think of Spring Maintenance Like Spring Cleaning

It can be challenging to find time to work on your ATV or side by side, even if you know it needs to get done and you want to do it. Life is fast-paced and stressful, and as necessary as it is to care of your ATV or side by side, it can quickly fall by the wayside as other things, like family obligations and work, encroach upon your free time.


The best way to make sure your spring ATV maintenance gets done? Find a way to make the task positive and fun.


Put on some upbeat music, ask a friend if they want to help, or even live stream your time out in the garage to show others how it’s done. Make the experience something you’ll want to look forward to, and you’ll want to carve out time for it.


A good spring maintenance routine consists of several tasks. Here’s how to start:


●        Check for rust. If you’ve been using your vehicle all winter, it’s probably been exposed to quite a bit of snow and moisture, as well as salt used to de-ice roads. While tackling tough terrain and harsh conditions is no problem for CFMOTO vehicles, over time, exposure of any outdoor vehicle to moisture and the oxygen in the air can result in rust.


Do a thorough check of your vehicle to ensure all parts are in working order and nothing is rusty. Fluctuating winter humidity levels over the years can still wear on your machine, so it benefits your safety to keep an eye on things. (If you’ve stored your ATV or side by side all winter, you aren’t exempt from this task!)


●        Give your vehicle a bath. If you live in a northern climate and the temperatures have been below freezing for much of the winter season, you probably haven’t washed your ATV or side by side as much as you probably should. Start the season off right with a thorough wash on a sunny day. It’s good for your vehicle and your mindset!


●        Check your oil. This is especially relevant if your vehicle has sat unused all winter. Oil serves a number of purposes in mechanical engines, many of which are crucial to long-term viability. While you’re busy washing and checking your vehicle over for rust, give the engine oil a look too.

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