Welcome to February! As the weather warms and more trails open up, CFMOTO CFORCE ATV enthusiasts everywhere might find it tempting to break out their vehicles and take them for a spin. The same can go for owners of CFMOTO utility sport side x sides. It sometimes can seem that there’s just something about this time of year, like that one unseasonably warm day, or something in the way the sun is shining for longer, that can motivate all outdoor enthusiasts to start riding again.


Of course, this line of thinking only goes for those who have built enough confidence with their CFMOTO vehicle to enjoy it properly.


Confidence—what a vague term! We seem to hear it as a buzzword in everything from business seminars to child-rearing books, and in every context, it seems to take a different meaning. When it comes to your CFMOTO vehicle, we’d like to think that confidence is having conviction enough in your abilities as a driver and faith enough in your vehicle’s integrity to be able to handle anything your given riding location could throw at you.


As well-made as CFMOTO vehicles are, and as extensive as the licensing process is to be able to ride one, it’s perfectly normal to have a certain amount of confidence-impairing fear while in the driver’s seat. Every vehicle from an ATV company and side by side manufacturer is strong, but there’s a certain power to CFMOTO vehicles, in particular, that is difficult to find in other brands. It’s natural to be a bit intimidated by this power, especially when you’ve only recently acquired the vehicle or your license. Even if you’re a perfectly safe driver, you might still feel a tug of anxiety now and again, sometimes even out of the blue!


This fear can very easily stop you from enjoying your CFMOTO vehicle to its fullest capacity. Luckily, we’re here to help. Below, we discuss a few common nerve-busting techniques, as well as mentalities that you can adopt to reinstill confidence in yourself and bring back your enjoyment of the outdoors.

You Have Everything You Need to Build Your Confidence

We hate to sound hokey, but it’s true. Nobody can give you confidence but yourself. Though a friendly riding buddy or an in-awe family member might stroke your ego now and again, the capacity for long-lasting faith in one’s own abilities comes only from factors you can control, which is your training, your equipment, and your mentality.


As far as training goes, if you’ve fulfilled the applicable licensing requirements, you have all the training you need to do what your license says you can do. Have faith in the fact that the legal system has worked in your favor by ensuring that you’re qualified to drive your ATV or side by side. If the state says you’re able to operate such a vehicle safely, you probably are.


When it comes to your equipment, you can trust that your CFMOTO ATV or side by side has been made with safety and reliability in mind. Our goal is to create affordable, adrenaline-pumping products that bring a fun-filled riding experience to the deserving outdoorsman. We simply couldn’t do this if our vehicles were unsafe! Though, if you’re still worried about your own protection, simply invest in a solid helmet, boots, and a jacket. Extra protective equipment can help even timid ATV and side by side riders to relax.


However, that leaves one final factor that can influence your confidence: your mentality. Remember how we said that true confidence is within your control? You can help yourself gain more faith in your abilities by:


●        Riding below what your limits are for a while | Though you might think that the best way to gain confidence is to push yourself, this approach can backfire for certain people. A negative riding experience while you’re already nervous can make future nerves harder to shake. Try some easy rides for a while, and remind yourself why you got into outdoor vehicles in the first place: to have fun.

●        Reminding yourself to breathe | Especially when it comes to exciting experiences like ATV riding, we sometimes get so wrapped up that we forget to breathe. Of course, holding your breath is going to increase your anxiety! Every now and again, check-in with yourself, take a deep breath, and release any tension you might be holding.

●        Making riding fun | Of course, riding a CFMOTO CFORCE ATV or side by side is always a blast! However, if you have confidence issues while riding, you need to take steps to make the experience extra fun—so much so that it overshadows the nerves. Go out for a drink or dinner with your riding companions after the trip is complete and otherwise work to fill the time associated with riding with positive memories.

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