At CFMOTO, we’re big on safety. Why else would we have written so many blogs on the topic? Why else would we make our vehicles’ proprietary engines exclusively in-house, so that we have complete oversight of the procedure? Why else, if not for a belief that everyone deserves to enjoy a safe, rewarding outdoor experience with CFMOTO CFORCE ATVs and CFMOTO utility sport side x sides. As an ATV company and a side by side manufacturer, we know that making riders aware of proper safety measures is one of the best ways to keep the roads and trails fun for everyone, pedestrians and passengers included.


However, when it comes to ATVs, side by sides, and safety, correct driving procedures aren’t the only things that riders need to worry about! Everyone riding an ATV or side by side, whether they are passengers or drivers, must also purchase the proper safety accessories for an enjoyable ride. Though CFMOTO ATVs and side by sides are extremely safe and reliable all-terrain vehicles, their inherent power means that riders everywhere owe it to themselves to take the proper precautions, as far as safety accessories go.


What are some of those recommended accessories? Our safety experts will discuss this below.

Gearing Up: The Higher the Focus on Safety, the Better

Typically, when it comes to safety accessories, the more you have, the better. This doesn’t mean you need to metaphorically bubble wrap your vehicle or yourself to have a great ride, by any means. It just means that, when it comes to ATVs and side by sides, it’s much better to be a little embarrassed about being over-prepared than to regret not having the equipment you need to keep yourself and others safe.


On the subject of embarrassment, though, why should you even feel embarrassed about gearing up with the right safety equipment? That shows respect for yourself, for others, and for the ride. A healthy admiration of the power that CFMOTO CFORCE ATVs and CFMOTO Sport Side x Sides possess is to be expected, once you see what these machines can do. It’s both natural and sound-minded to want to suit up!


In short, never feel ashamed about your safety gear habits—or any of your safety-related habits when it comes to these vehicles. The equipment below will prove extremely helpful in having a safe and fun ride, both when it comes to yourself and others.


●        A helmet | Yes, we know that laws about these pieces of equipment can vary from state to state; there are areas that require helmets for ATVs and side by sides for all riders on public lands, and others are more lenient in certain contexts. However, our safety experts at CFMOTO recommend that no matter where you are or how fast you’re driving, you don a helmet for extra protection. They protect your head from potentially life-changing injuries, such as paralysis and concussions. Think about it this way: a nasty enough head injury could end your riding career for good! Aside from their obvious safety benefits, helmets are a practical piece of equipment, as well. Not only do they protect your brain, they also protect your skin and eyes from wayward branches on particularly woodsy trails. Helmets with visors can also make it both possible and safer to drive in sleety or rainy conditions. There are tons of unique, sporty designs to choose from, which makes a helmet a wonderfully versatile, essential, and stylish piece of safety equipment for all outdoor vehicle enthusiasts.

●        Sturdy boots | Even though you probably won’t be walking far when it comes to your ATV rides, you’ll still probably want to invest in a good pair of boots. Outdoor trails can be fraught with hazards at the ankle level, such as mud splatters and low-growing brambles. Should you need to get off your ATV or side by side for any reason, you could run into any number of living dangers in the wilderness! Venomous snakes and spiders are common in certain areas of the United States, which makes adequate footwear a necessity at all times. More casual riders might be able to use a pair of workboots, but boots made especially for ATVs are definitely more comfortable.

●        A winch | Yes, even the right ATV and side by side upgrade can be considered a piece of safety equipment, and luckily, a winch is standard on many of our CFMOTO models. A winch allows your vehicle to latch onto things and pull, which makes it a helpful tool should you or another rider get stuck in a rut.


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