If you’re in the market for your first ATV or side-by-side, congratulations! As an ATV company and side-by-side manufacturer, we welcome you to the exciting world of outdoor motorsports. Get ready to enjoy the outdoors in a way you never have before, and prepare yourself to experience what an “adrenaline rush” truly is!


However, as amazing as the world of outdoor motorsports is, we also understand that choosing your first model is never an easy task. You’ll probably spend hours perusing side-by-side and ATV company reviews and carefully weigh the pros and cons, the price points, and aesthetic considerations. With seemingly countless brands available, choosing a new model is never an easy task, even for the experienced outdoorsman! Moreover, if you’re new to the world of outdoor motorsports, you’ll also have to educate yourself on an unfamiliar industry so that you have the knowledge base to even begin to compare models. In short, no matter how much experience you have, selecting a new ATV or side-by-side can be a complicated, nuanced, and overall difficult task.


Luckily, CFMOTO is here to simplify; we firmly believe our ATVs and side-by-sides are some of the best in the industry—and yes, this is true for riders of all budgets and experience levels. Below, we’ll discuss why we know our brand to be the best in the business, and why, no matter what type of rider you are, you’ll be making a wise choice in buying with us.

CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO Side-by-Sides are Made with Riders in Mind

At CFMOTO, we understand that no matter the type of rider you are, one thing unites our outdoor motorsports community: PASSION. Whether the rider is a beginner or an expert, a utilitarian worker or a recreational weekend warrior, all outdoorsmen are united in their passion for great, well-made machinery. That’s why we make all our premium features standard on all our models, from the custom paint job to the powerful winch. We believe that passion for the outdoors is more than enough to make a person deserving of a great ride.


Aside from that, though, what makes CFMOTO machines so unique? To answer our own question, we craft all our vehicles with our customers’ outdoor experiences as the first thing on our minds, and we operate our company similarly. We:


●        Create our proprietary engines in-house. We understand that the heart and soul of any outdoor vehicle is the very thing that gives it power: its engine. At the end of the day, the power and serviceability of the vehicle and the experience of the rider depend largely on both the viability and the functionality of the engine.


To create great vehicles and a great ride, we at CFMOTO create our proprietary engines completely in-house, all the way from start to finish. We believe that outdoorsmen connect to the engines of their vehicles in a close, emotional way, and our state-of-the-art engine designs are brought into being with this line of thinking directing the entire process. When you’re at the helm of a CFMOTO ATV or side-by-side, you’ll experience what conscientious, innovative engine design brings to the table: a powerful, yet tailored and responsive, ride.


●        Have expanded worldwide to bring great rides across the globe. From our humble beginnings in 1989 in Hangzhou, China, CFMOTO quickly expanded to the global stage. We attribute this in part to our one-of-a-kind engine design. Regardless, we have worked hard to expand all across the globe and to get our conscientiously-made ATVs and side-by-sides into the hands of as many passionate outdoorsmen as possible. As stated above, we firmly believe that anyone with a love for outdoor vehicles deserves a great outdoor experience. Expanding worldwide is just one way our company works to facilitate this.


●        We work to keep our vehicles affordable. Though we offer our ATVs and side-by-sides at a variety of price points, we believe that money should never stand in the way of an outdoorsman’s passion. That’s why we work to balance quality and affordability in each and every one of our vehicles. We are determined to bring our customers the highest-quality ATVs and side-by-sides for their dollar. How else, after all, would we have become the worldwide brand that we are today? Regardless, keeping our prices low and our quality high is just another way we operate our company with our customers at the forefront of our minds.


At CFMOTO, as an ATV and side-by-side manufacturer, we are proud of the reach our company has accomplished, but we’re even prouder of how our reach enables us to bring great vehicles to passionate outdoorsmen of all types. No matter if you’re an experienced ATV or side-by-side rider or someone just starting out, there’s a CFMOTO ATV or side-by-side model that’s perfect for you.

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