Welcome to winter! No matter where in the United States you live, the holiday season generally means colder temperatures, busier schedules, and spending time with distant relatives you might not know too well—all of which can mean you might not be able to spend as much time with your outdoor vehicle as you might like. Of course, you love the holiday season, and you enjoy spending time with extended family, but in some cases it can mean a little less time riding your CFMOTO ATs or your utility sport side-by-side. For the passionate outdoorsman, this can lead to a fair bit of grumpiness. After all, it’s hard not being able to practice one’s hobbies as much as one used to!


That being said, the winter season doesn’t have to leave you deprived of great rides. With a little smart schedule management, a bit of bundling up, and a slight change in the way you might think about your outdoor experience, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy your CFMOTO vehicle this winter. Intrigued? We’ll explain further below.

Yes, You Can Still Ride! It Just Requires a Little More Planning

In the wintertime, scheduling ride times, either alone or with buddies, can be tough. Some companies, for example, have an increasing workload as year-end projects wrap up, and it can be hard to get a group of friends together on a singular weekend, given the busy holiday season. Capricious winter weather, too, can throw scheduling for a loop; after all, sometimes it simply is unsafe to ride, especially in areas with subzero temperatures! Finally, time spent preparing for holiday gatherings can mean that it can be difficult to get outdoors as much as you would during less busy seasons.


In short, one of the biggest concerns for the average outdoor enthusiast during the holiday season is time. How can people get out and escape with their CFMOTO CFORCE ATVs or their CFMOTO Sport Side x Sides when it seems there’s hardly enough time to feed oneself each day?


The answer comes in the form of a little bit of planning.


●        Plan rides weeks in advance. Yes, it might seem a bit overkill for the rider that’s used to packing up for an impromptu weekend trip, but when times get busy and the weather is moody, planning rides far in advance is often the only way to go, especially if you have buddies involved who love to share in the experience. Planning rides with plenty of time to prepare ensures that nobody feels left out or rejected, and it also gives you a fair bit of flexibility if the weather decides to not cooperate that day. Generally speaking, giving everyone at least a week’s notice is courteous, but more time is always better.


●        Incorporate riding into your holiday plans. Who said holiday festivities have to get in the way of your ride time? Why not incorporate that ride time into the festivities themselves? Show how much your riding buddies mean to you by planning a holiday get-together with a fun jaunt down the trails to follow. You could even do a gift exchange centered around your shared love for outdoor vehicles! As long as you’re safe, bundled up, and save any consumption of adult beverages for after the ride, such a demonstration of thoughtfulness is bound to bring your riding group closer together.


●        If plans fail, expand your network of riding buddies. If you always go riding with the same group of people, it can be tough when those people can’t find the time to hang with you during the holiday season. Instead of feeling grumpy about it, focus that energy on creating plans with people you haven’t ridden with before—maybe even those distant relatives we talked about earlier, if they ride! You can even take those relatives as passengers, if the law for your state allows it. Make sure to research specifics before heading out; nothing puts a damper on a festive holiday ride like getting pulled over for a law violation. Do your best as a responsible rider to make sure this doesn’t happen!


As you can see, the approaching holidays don’t have to mean less riding time; it just might mean that that riding time could take a slightly different form or require a little more planning on your part. Regardless, don’t fret! With the right combination of planning and flexibility, you can keep enjoying your CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO side-by-sides all the way through the holiday season.

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