A brand new outdoor vehicle is certainly an investment—a worthwhile one, of course. There’s nothing quite like tearing down rutted trails at top speed with your friends in tow, taking a tour of the gorgeous wilderness. Nonetheless, the purchasing of a utility sport side-by-side or a CFMOTO CFORCE ATV isn’t something to rush into, nor to take lightly. First and foremost, it involves one very complicated decision: Which type of vehicle—ATV or side-by-side—is right for you?


Of course, you can trust that all CFMOTO vehicles are made with innovation, quality, and the outdoor enthusiast in mind; we fully stand behind that as a company. That being said, there are a few inherent differences between ATVs and side-by-sides that warrant pre-purchase consideration.


CFMOTO USA, an ATV company and side-by-side manufacturer, discusses those differences below, as well as what they can mean for your future outdoor adventures.

Side-by-Sides: Steadfast Workhorses

A side-by-side is, as the name implies, an off-roading vehicle designed to seat two people next to one another (as opposed to ATVs, which tend to seat front to back). They frequently feature an overhead cover or windshield, are controlled with a conventional steering wheel, and accelerate and brake via foot pedals. Just like ATVs, however, their advanced suspension systems make them ideal vehicles for quickly and safely navigating rough, off-road terrain.


If both vehicles are equally as good at this task, though, what might make that person opt for a side-by-side?


●        They need extreme hauling capabilities. Though the hauling capabilities of an ATV certainly are nothing to sneeze at, the rear cargo box and relatively larger amounts of free space available in a side-by-side make it ideal for bringing along cargo. If you’ll be using your vehicle to carry things—for example, in construction work or hauling hay on the farm—a side-by-side might suit your needs better than an ATV.

●        They need the vehicle for heavy work. Though certain CFMOTO ATVs also come with a winch as well as a good deal of towing capacity, many outdoor enthusiasts opt for a side-by-side if they need to use the vehicle primarily for work. This is due to the extra space available as well as a relatively larger towing and winch capacity than the standard ATV. In fact, on all our UFORCE side-by-side models, a three thousand-pound winch comes standard!

●        They like the idea of a powerful machine. Though, again, ATVs are powerful in their own right, there’s nothing quite like the 1000cc engine that will come standard on our 2020 UFORCE 1,000. If you like the idea of owning a strong mechanical workhorse that you can always count on to get the job done, then it’s time to invest in a side-by-side.

ATVs: Powerful and Nimble

As opposed to a side-by-side, ATVs steer more like a bicycle—that is, with the help of handlebars, which also control braking and accelerating. ATVs feature a cageless design and significant hauling capacities, as well as the excellent suspension and turning capabilities that let them conquer whatever landscape the wilderness tosses their way.


You should consider an ATV if you:


●        Need to get on and off your vehicle frequently. While both our ATVs and side-by-sides feature ergonomic, comfortable seating, the straddling position one takes while riding an ATV makes it easy to mount and dismount. If the job you intend to tackle with the vehicle requires a lot of getting on and off—think hunting or landscaping—consider an ATV.

●        Want ease of transport. If you plan to haul your vehicle frequently, the smaller size of an ATV means that this is a relatively simpler task. Some ATVs even fit nicely in the bed of a pickup truck, meaning you won’t need special a trailer or special hauling licencing to pack up and hit the trails.

●        Want a more physically demanding ride. Due to the steering design of ATVs, operating them tends to take a little more physical strength than does driving a side-by-side. This can be just what the athlete needs to get the most out of their outdoor sporting experience.

●        Are worried about turf impact. ATVs are generally lighter than side-by-sides. This makes them ideal in situations where tearing up the grass is undesired, such as landscaping projects or farm management.

Still Undecided? Contact CFMOTO USA

As we’ve shown, both ATVs and side-by-sides shine in their own ways, and as both an ATV and side-by-side company, we specialize in helping our customers make the tough decision between the two. If you’re still undecided about what outdoor vehicle best suits your unique needs, talk to a CFMOTO dealer today. We’re here to help.