To ensure your ATV or other off-road vehicle functions as it should throughout the year, you have to conduct regular maintenance checks. During each maintenance check, you should make sure the main aspects of your vehicle are working, and also conduct other tests based on the season you are approaching. When you are approaching winter, you are going to conduct a different maintenance check than you would for the spring or summer.


Here, our experts at CFMOTO will discuss maintenance priorities when approaching the harsh fall and winter months of the Upper Midwest.

●      Maintain Fuel Levels

One of the primary issues many ATV and other recreational vehicle owners run into is poor fuel quality, as well as low fuel in the tank. Oftentimes, moisture can get into your machine’s fuel tank if there is low-quality fuel. Poor fuel quality can damage your machine’s fuel tank, leading to more problems than you could imagine. If you get your fuel from a gas station, it is important to take note that many gas station fuel tanks have some level of water in them.


This can be caused by poor maintenance from the gas station staff, faulty components, and more. An easy way to ensure you are not putting water into your own fuel tank is to purchase a funnel that will remove the water from the gas can. This protects your engine. Additionally, you should keep your tank full or close to full throughout the winter to ensure you always have enough fuel to drive. By making sure you have the highest quality fuel available, and you’re taking proactive measures to prevent water from getting in your tank, you can help prevent your tank from freezing, which can cause a great deal of damage.

●      Check Your Battery

One of the most common issues when it comes to using your ATV or other recreational vehicle during the winter is maintaining battery life. When the temperatures drop, most batteries will have difficulty starting, no matter if they’re brand new or have been around for a few years. Especially in the harsh winters we experience in the Upper Midwest, we can expect the temperatures to drop to well below zero, which makes it difficult to operate any vehicle.


Many times when the temperatures drop, batteries struggle to fire up, and when they do, they quickly die. There are a few things you can do to ensure your battery lasts longer.


One of the easiest things you can do is purchase a trickle charger. Trickle chargers permanently mount to your off-road vehicle and then are plugged into an outlet overnight. By doing this, you can ensure there is a constant charge to your battery, which reduces the chance it will die.

●      Study Oil Levels

If you want your machine to operate well during the winter, one of the simplest things you can do is change your oil before the cold weather hits. You should always check your owner’s manual or an expert to ensure you are putting the correct oil in your machine. Changing the oil on your machine on a regular basis is good for your engine’s health and can help the engine startup and run smoothly when the temperatures drop below zero. Additionally, you need to check the other fluid levels in your machine, such as transmission fluids. Though oil plays the most important part when it comes to engine health, the other fluids also play crucial roles.

●      Warm Your Vehicle Up

Just like your car, you need to warm up your ATV before you use it throughout the winter months. As the temperatures start to drop in the late fall, you need to get in the habit of letting your machine warm-up for a reasonable time period. This is especially crucial when it drops below zero outside. By letting your vehicle run for a few minutes, the heat from the engine moves through the vehicle to warm up the brakes, transmission, and more, which allows it to run without a hitch.

●      Change the Air Filter

Often overlooked, changing the air filter in your machine is one of the most important seasonal maintenance operations you can perform. The late spring, summer, and early fall months are oftentimes when ATVs get used the most. The engines collect dust from constant use on trails and need to be changed. By changing your filter before the cold comes, you can help prevent your engine from failing. Air filters are easy to change and maintain, which allows for better starts and a smoother ride.

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