When you purchase your state-of-the-art ATV, the first thing you want to do is take it out and start riding. While there are plenty of trails to ride in Minnesota, there are hundreds of superior trails spread throughout the Upper Midwest. These trails vary in level of difficulty and are great for all riders.


There is nothing better than taking your new recreational vehicle out for a ride and gaining that sense of freedom that comes with riding off-road trails. Here, our experts at CFMOTO will detail some of the best ATV trails in the Midwest.

●      Soo Line Trail, Minnesota

The first trail we will discuss is located in our homeland. The Soo Line Trail is one of the most well-known trails in the Midwest. It has a variety of trails for all skill levels, and it consists of over 200 miles of trails. Additionally, there are many other amenities along the trails, such as campgrounds. One of the most popular areas of the Soo Line Trail stretches for 105 miles from eastern Minnesota and winds its way into Wisconsin. To learn more about the Soo Line Trail, visit this website.

●      Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Located just over two hours from the Twin Cities, Black River Falls, Wisconsin is a great place to take your ATV on excursions. There are over 100 miles of trails spanning across two counties in Wisconsin. Additionally, you can visit various tourist spots while riding through the area, as well as drive past various streams and natural landmarks. There are also many campgrounds, hotels, and more in the surrounding area if you’re planning a trip that takes more than one day. To learn more about the trails in Black River Falls, visit their website.

●      Rough Rider OHV Area, North Dakota

The Rough Rider OHV Area in North Dakota stretches along the eastern edge of North Dakota near the Missouri River. There are many trails available, consisting mostly of gravel. The trails are near a retired railroad bed, and they criss-cross multiple streams and other tributaries of the Missouri River. Not far from Bismark, these trails encompass several campgrounds as well as areas to fish and boat. Unlike many trails, this area is open year-round, but riders are encouraged to use their judgment based on current and forecasted weather conditions. To learn more about this recreational vehicle area, visit this website.

●      Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

Black Hills National Forest is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country. The forest itself spans across the western edge of South Dakota and goes into the eastern edge of Wyoming. There are thousands of miles of ATV trails that go through the forest and wind their way into several surrounding states, such as Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota.


Along the various trails, there are many sites to see. Located inside Black Hills National Forest is Mount Rushmore, Black Elk Peak, Wild Cave National Park, and more. There are a variety of areas along the trails, including Deadwood and Deerfield Lake that are sparsely populated, and great to ride in. To learn more about the trails in Black Hills National Forest, visit their website.

●      Bundy Hill Offroad, Michigan

Bundy Hill Offroad Park stretches through southern, central Michigan to create a scenic, affordable trail to ride. This park boasts a variety of features, including steep hills, wooded areas, muddy and sandy sections, and more. The park contains hundreds of acres of ATV trails that wind through the surrounding land. The trails are separated by four levels of difficulty. When you get a map, they will be divided into green, blue, black, and red trails. The trails wind through an old mining settlement and pose a variety of challenges for those who choose to ride them. To learn more about this unique park, visit Bundy Hill Offroad Park’s website.

●      Syracuse Sand Dunes, Kansas

Located in Western Kansas, near the Colorado border, this unique ATV area has thousands of acres of trails. Not only are ATVs and side-by-side vehicles allowed in this area, but almost every recreational vehicle is, including jeeps, dune buggies, and more. Additionally, there are areas to camp in both tents and RVs, as well as an area to fish in. The park is typically open year-round, barring an unforeseen circumstance. Syracuse Sand Dunes is a great place to bring together groups of friends or family to have a fun outing. To learn more about Syracuse Sand Dunes in Kansas, visit this website.

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