Though pickup trucks, tractors, horses, and other farm tools and livestock are great when it comes to getting work done on the farm, smaller, more agile vehicles are just as productive, if not more more productive than larger machines. Not only are ATVs great for farm work, but they are also a lot cheaper than traditional tractors and other machinery. Unlike utility task vehicles (UTVs), our ATVs are agile and capable of navigating tight spaces that other machines cannot. Here, our experts at CFMOTO will discuss why you should consider purchasing an ATV for your farm work.

Hauling and Dragging

If you are a farmer or grew up on a farm, you know exactly how much work it takes to maintain a farm, and how much work goes into daily tasks. If you purchase an ATV, you can often move items across your property quickly and in larger quantities. At CFMOTO, our ATVs are designed to haul or drag large loads quickly and efficiently on multiple terrains. Some of the things your new ATV can haul include:

●        Tools

●        Seed

●        Animal feed

●        Landscaping rocks

●        Gravel

●        People

●        Food

●        Medical supplies

●        Fencing

●        Game and weapons from hunting

●        Firewood

●        Crop samples

Quick Transportation

Instead of walking across your property to get from place to place, you can take your ATV and get there quicker, which allows you to get right back to work. An all-terrain vehicle is much more efficient for your cross farm transportation than driving your tractor, riding your horse, or driving your truck. Off-road vehicles allow you to go off the designated path, taking shortcuts and creating a more efficient daily work plan. Additionally, if you have an emergency, such as a weather-related incident, injury, or more, you can quickly get back to a safe area to either take cover or get help. Not only can ATVs speed up your daily work schedule, but they can also reduce operation costs on your farm by allowing you to do more with a smaller, more efficient vehicle.

Herd Livestock

While herding animals are effective for collecting your livestock and keeping them in line, sometimes you need the job done quicker. Whether you’re in a rush, there is bad weather incoming, you spot a predator lurking near your animals, or more, you can simply hop on your ATV and round up your livestock. ATVs allow you to herd your animals in a quick and efficient manner, as well as keep yourself safe by getting out of harm’s way if there is an emergency.

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