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Time for ATV Spring Cleaning: Here Are Some Tips for Maintenance

Perform maintenance on your ATV this spring.  Clean the body, change the oil, change the oil filter, grease the body, and wax the plastic. CFMOTO offers premier ATVs and side-by-side models.

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Synthetic vs. Petroleum Oil: Which is Best for Your CFMOTO ATV?

Do you know the difference between synthetic and conventional oil? Here is a breakdown of the two motor oils and the benefits of synthetic oil. For more information, contact your CFMOTO dealer today.

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Lone Star Adventures: The Best ATV Trails in Texas

What are the best ATV trails in Texas? Wherever you go, take your CFMOTO ATV or side-by-side with you. We offer complete off-road ATVs for riders in Texas and beyond.

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ATV Helmet Buying Guide: What to Look For

Your ATV helmet should be safe, comfortable, and durable. For safety reasons, it’s important you always buy a new helmet instead of someone else’s used helmet. At CFMOTO USA, we not only offer ATVs and side-by-sides for riders., our team can also point you in the right direction when it comes to helmets.

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Your ATV Towing Guide

Since riding an ATV on public streets is illegal in most Minnesota communities, you'll have to tow it to your destination. This article provides some ATV towing tips and explains the equipment you'll need for safely towing an ATV.

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The Best Pro ATV Racing Series in the Country

We’ve put together a list of eight high-energy ATV racing series with events in various parts of the country – along with how you can follow along with the action throughout the season. There’s something here for everyone, from motocross to desert racing to cross country.

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How to Choose the Best ATVs for Farm Use

Farmers use ATVs every day to assist them with their farm work. ATVs are preferred for the durability, agility, and payload capacity. Below, we discuss ATV specifications for farms and outline what you should look for in an ATV so that you can choose which four-wheeled machine is right for your needs.

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Riding Your ATV Safely in the Rain

If possible, try to avoid riding your ATV out in the rain. Unfortunately, if you are already out riding and experience some unexpected showers, there’s not much you can do but get through it. Below are some helpful tips for riding in the rain safely so you can prevent injury or damage to your machine.

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How to Operate ATVs in High Altitudes

Why do people get altitude sickness? A few reasons. The air is thinner, meaning there isn’t as much oxygen for your lungs. Also, high altitudes create to drier conditions, meaning you can become dehydrated quickly.

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Your Guide to ATV Tire Loading and Inflation Rating

The more you know about your CFMOTO ATV parts, the safer you’ll be when you are operating it. One of the most important components of your ATV is the tires. The tires establish the grip on all surfaces, support the payload, and allow you to travel across rugged terrain.

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