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Riding Your ATV Safely in the Rain

If you have to ride your ATV during a downpour, read our latest article for tips on taking your ATV out in the rain. To find out more about CFMOTO’s ATVs and side-by-sides, visit your local CFMOTO dealer.

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How to Operate ATVs in High Altitudes

If you operate your ATV at high altitudes, make sure you stay hydrated, reduce your alcohol intake, don’t start out too fast, monitor your food intake, and wear high-altitude clothing.

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Your Guide to ATV Tire Loading and Inflation Rating

Your ATV tire loading and inflation rating provides you with the information for total payload or towing capacity for your vehicle, passengers, and cargo. Always check your ATV tires before you head out on your next adventure.

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Your Guide to ATV Tire Load and Inflation Ratings

Your ATV is supported entirely by four rugged tires that are specially designed for off-road use on unforgiving surfaces. Understanding what creates that support and how much weight a tire can withstand will help you stay safe as you operate your vehicle.

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The Best ATV Rallies in America Today

If you’ve never been to an ATV or Side-by-Side rally, you owe it to yourself to go at least once. If you’ve got the means, get out and try each one on our list because each of these rallies is unique and all offer a heck of a good time.

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Thinking Ahead - The XFORCE

Does a crossover machine, combining a utility machine with a high-performance machine that can deliver power when you hit the gas, and also give you the tools to get the job done first sound appealing? What features of the ZFORCE and UFORCE would you like to see incorporated in this new machine?

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How to Prevent High Elevation Sickness

Altitude or elevation sickness includes multiple symptoms that happen to your body when you are exposed to a higher elevation within a short period of time. Altitude sickness occurs when you are riding your ATV or side by side to a higher elevation quickly. The higher you climb, the lower the air pressure and oxygen levels get. Our bodies can handle the shift, but they need time to gradually adjust.

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Do You Need a License to Operate an ATV?

ATV riders in most states who were born after a specified date are required to complete an approved ATV Safety Course, and carry a state-mandated ATV Safety Certificate with them while riding on public lands. Some states may also require operators to carry a license even if they are riding on their own private property. Check with your state to find out how the regulations apply to you.

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Worst Case Scenario, Part 1: How to Handle ATV Emergencies

If you or someone else sustains an injury in an ATV accident, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. If you can transport the injured rider, then put them on your ATV and carefully ride them to the nearest medical center.

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The Best ATV Trails in the Midwest’s Black Hills

The South Dakota Black Hills are among America’s most scenic landscapes. Deep in the hills lie rugged ATV trails that offer lots of attractions and amenities for ATV riders of all skill levels.

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